Thermoelectric Solutions
These heat sinks, which are composed of a bonded fin construction, are designed for 30 to 40 mm square thermoelectric coolers (TEC). The units provide more than twice the cooling of conventional extrusions, allowing original equipment manufacturers to increase the thermal performance of existing equipment or to provide extra heat removal in new, updated designs. The heat sinks are pre-machined for easy attachment to standard TECs and can be ordered with an optional cold-side shoe aluminum insert plate for increased insulation between the hot and cold sides of the TEC device. Price: ranges from $55.93 to $71.52, depending on size. Delivery: four to six weeks.
Aavid Thermal Products Inc.,
Concord, NH
(603) 224-9988.

SMP Bullet Installer/Remover
The model T-6313 is designed for removing or installing the bullets used in the company’s subminiature push-on (SMP) series of connectors. The model can grasp SMP bullets securely in its slotted Delrin jaws so it can be removed without damage. By rotating the stainless-steel tool’s handle clockwise, the jaws can be opened to accept or release a part. Rotating the handle counterclockwise causes the jaws to close and grasp the bullet.
Connecting Devices Inc. (CDI),
Long Beach, CA
(562) 498-0901.