The R&S DDF5GTS multichannel direction finder from Rohde & Schwarz enables fast and comprehensive radio spectrum monitoring, while accurately taking bearings of signals of interest. It complements the tried and tested Rohde & Schwarz portfolio of networked direction finding and radiolocation systems and is designed for use in especially demanding scenarios. Its high scan speed makes it suitable for comprehensive interception and direction finding of signals in dense electromagnetic environments. A large selection of innovative DF antennas ensures optimal results under difficult conditions such as reflections or in environments with strong signals.

Thanks to the new signal processing method (three channel architecture) and a real time bandwidth of 80 MHz for the VHF/UHF/SHF range, the R&S DDF5GTS provides a very high DF scan speed of up to 60 GHz/s. This increases the probability of intercept and permits the detection and direction finding of frequency agile LPI signals.

A GPS can be used to synchronize and process the DF scan mode of multiple R&S DDF5GTS, allowing almost simultaneous, fast and automatic location of a large number of signals. An independent DDC channel also enables simultaneous direction finding and monitoring. Direction finding can take place within the real time bandwidth, while one channel is used for further processing and signal analysis. ITU-compliant measurement methods can optionally be added to the R&S DDF5GTS to provide a broad spectrum of applications.

There is a large selection of multichannel DF antennas available for the R&S DDF5GTS. They are primarily characterized by their large selection of integrated antenna elements, which enable stable direction finding even in complex signal environments. They are especially immune to reflections and maintain high location accuracy even for weak signals. Users can switch the innovative DF antennas between active and passive modes by a simple mouse click. Passive mode ensures immunity to strong signals while preventing overloading.