Crane Aerospace & Electronics, Power Solutions has been selected by BAE Systems to provide ELDEC®Power Conditioning Modules (PCMs) and batteries on the Boeing 777X.

BAE Systems is the prime supplier of the Integrated Flight Control Electronics (IFCE) fly-by-wire (FBW) system, which delivers high integrity computing functionality for the 777X’s all new composite wing with load alleviation, as well as its advanced high lift and folding wingtips; a first for commercial aircraft. The 777X is the newest family of twin-aisle airplanes, with production beginning in 2017 and first delivery scheduled for 2020. Crane’s products will provide high integrity, uninterruptible power for the IFCE.

Crane supplies power conversion equipment and batteries to the Flight Control Electronics on the existing Boeing 777 and 787 Dreamliner models. The PCMs and batteries for the 777X IFCE will continue that evolution of power for flight critical power systems.

“We are proud to work with BAE Systems to provide the power conversion for the 777X IFCE system,” said Ed Fuhr, vice president Crane Power Solutions. “This is just the latest collaboration in our long history of working together and it is exciting to be part of Boeing’s newest family of twin-aisle airplanes with new technology.”

With over 50 years of experience, Crane Power Solutions is known for high performance, reliability and accuracy, with over 1,000,000 products delivered and in service. Crane Power Solutions offers ELDEC®, Interpoint® and Keltec® power conversion, power distribution and battery systems for commercial aerospace, defense and space for use in avionics, ATA Page 2 Chapter 24 Power Systems, communications, electronic countermeasures, missiles, radar, navigation, guidance and utility systems.

Crane Aerospace & Electronics is a major supplier of systems and components for critical aerospace and defense applications. These systems and components are designed for some of the toughest environments -- from engines to landing gear; satellites to medical implants; and missiles to unmanned aerial systems (UAS). Product and service offerings are organized in solution sets, and include Cabin Systems, Fluid Management, Landing Systems, Microelectronics, Microwave, Power, and Sensing & Utility Systems. Products are manufactured under the brand names ELDEC, Hydro-Aire, Interpoint, Keltec, Lear Romec, Merrimac, P.L. Porter and Signal Technology.

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