Crane Aerospace & Electronics, Power Solutions, will be supplying ELDEC® Power Conditioning Modules (PCM) to provide flight critical and reliable power management and conversion for the Honeywell Flight Control Electronics (FCE) supplied to COMAC. The FCE is part of the flight control fly-by-wire system that will be utilized on the COMAC C919 family of narrow body aircraft. Fly-by-wire systems enable an electronic interface between the cockpit and the aircraft flight control surfaces.

Ed Fuhr, vice president Power Solutions for Crane said, “we are very pleased to have been selected by Honeywell Aerospace for this flight critical power equipment, and we are proud to be onboard the COMAC C919 aircraft.”

Crane’s PCM selects the proper source, conditions and supplies uninterruptable power to the FCE. To ensure availability of power under all conditions, the PCM can select from three independent power sources. It provides isolation between the aircraft power systems, removes transients and provides reliable power for this critical equipment.

With over 50 years of experience, Crane Power Solutions are known for high performance, reliability and accuracy, with over 1,000,000 products delivered and in service. Crane Power Solutions offers ELDEC®, Interpoint® and Keltec® power conversion, power distribution and battery systems for use in commercial aerospace ATA Chapter 24 Power Systems, avionics, communications, flight control, navigation, guidance and utility systems.