Silicon Labs, a leader in high-performance, analog-intensive, mixed-signal ICs, introduced the creation of a Thread beta program for selected customers and ecosystem partners, enabling them to accelerate their product development plans for IP-based mesh networking. As a founding member of the Thread Group, Silicon Labs has been a major contributor to the definition and development of the new IP-based mesh networking software stack for the Connected Home.

“We have developed the Thread networking protocol according to the latest draft specification and now have multi-node networks up and running at key customers using our existing EM35xx wireless SoCs,” said Skip Ashton, vice president of software engineering at Silicon Labs. “We are excited to be able to extend our leadership in mesh networking solutions through activities such as this beta program and our continued investment in ZigBee® technology.”

Customer requirements and the rapid expansion of applications in the Internet of Things (IoT) market led to the creation of the thread networking protocol, a new standards-based, IP-addressable, low-power mesh networking solution. Silicon Labs joined the Thread Group as a founding member to contribute mesh networking expertise and deliver software solutions that satisfy these market needs.

“As the industry’s leading supplier of ZigBee SoCs and an innovator in wireless mesh networking technology, Silicon Labs is well-positioned to drive the development of Thread software while continuing to support the growing ZigBee installed base, totaling more than 45 million units in 2013,” said Mareca Hatler, director of research at ON World Inc. “Providing early access to thread software through beta programs will encourage early market adoption of this next-generation IP-based protocol stack for the IoT.”

Silicon Labs is committed to supplying best-in-class Thread and ZigBee-based connectivity solutions into the future. The company plans to support both mesh networking protocols using a common portfolio of ARM® based wireless SoCs and to deliver technology that will enable current and future customers to deploy one or both software technologies on those SoCs using simple over-the-air uploads.

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