TGP26156-Bit Digital Phase Shifter Supports Ku-band Radar

RFMW Ltd. announces design and sales support for TriQuint’s TGP2615 digital phase shifter. The TGP2615 covers Ku-band radar and communications applications in the 15 to 19 GHz frequency range. 6-bit control with 5.625 degree least significant bit (LSB) offer high resolution and 360 degree coverage. Insertion loss of the TriQuint TGP2615 is 7 dB. RMS phase error is specified at 4 degrees while RMS amplitude error is 1 dB.

The TriQuint TGP2615 is available as a 2.11x1.47x0.1 mm DIE and operates from a positive control logic of 0V/+3.3 V.