ATW Companies Inc., a world-class supplier of superior precision tubing and fabricated metal components, announces its new standard waveguide stocking program. Through this new program, all standard waveguide sizes will be shipped within five days from stock, while all other special waveguide sizes will be made to order.

A.T. Wall supplies flexible waveguides in beryllium-copper (BeCu), brass and phosphorous bronze in a wide range of sizes, from WR22 through WR650. Seamless flexible waveguide is applicable to airborne systems and space in all satellite applications. Flexible waveguide also saves the customer money by reducing space needs with its ability to be bent to fit into small spaces.

Based on increased demand from China and other overseas customers, A.T. Wall has added flexible waveguide components to its flexible waveguide tube capabilities. The company now supplies component flanges to the tube ends, and offers pressure testing of the assembly.

A.T. Wall will be showcasing its leadership in waveguide solutions for microwave applications at European Microwave Week 2014, October 7-9, at Nuova Fiera Di Roma, Rome, Italy. Representatives from ATW Companies will be on hand at Booth #234 to highlight several different waveguide tubing technologies used in a variety of microwave applications. 

Given the inefficiency of other types of transmission lines with microwave technology, when microwave applications call for high-quality, reliable waveguide tubing, leading experts in telecommunications, radar, radio astronomy, navigation, heating and power around the world rely on technology from the A.T. Wall Company. The company's manufacturing facility in Warwick, R.I. is on the cutting edge of waveguide manufacturing technology, making the A.T. Wall Company a world leader in precision-drawn Waveguide tubing. Representatives from ATW Companies will be showcasing rigid rectangular, circular, flexible, seamless flexible, and flexible twistable waveguide tubing options.

A.T. Wall Waveguide Tubing is available in a variety of sizes, shapes and materials, and can be custom-engineered within broad limitations to best suit your application. More information on ATW Companies’ waveguide Tubing will be available at the booth, and can be found on the web at