The defence and security of individuals, property, transportation systems and borders is fundamental to national and international stability. Threats are ever present and ever changing – they can come from land, sea or air and can be enacted by armies or a single terrorist. Similarly, the methods and technology that is being developed to combat such threats must adapt and evolve too.

Recently, the vital role of space for civil security, emergency response and crisis management has matured. Space based systems are key enabling technologies for data transmission, observation and positioning, affording them a vital role in the effective implementation of defence and security systems.

Consequently, as the title suggests, the space sector will be a major focus of the 2014 EuMW Defence, Security and Space Forum. Following its established format the Forum will feature executives from industry, academia, the military and from space agencies. It will be held in combination with the opening of EuRAD and will conclude with a round-table discussion.

This year there will be special emphasis on how RF integrated systems can be designed and deployed into structures such as buildings, plants, dams, airplanes, airships, UAV and spacecraft that will serve as critical infrastructure protection and resilience.


To follow is a brief outline of each session. A full listing of the presentations can be found here.

The Forum begins with the “Microwave Journal Industry Panel Session” (09:00 - 10:40), which will offer an industry perspective on the key issues facing the defence, security and space sector. In accordance with the theme for 2014, the panel will address: “Defence and Security Infrastructure.” The morning will concludewith the “EuRAD Opening Session” (11:20 - 13:00).

The “Strategy Analytics Lunch and Learn” session will add a further dimension by offering a market analysis perspective, illustrating the status, development and potential of the market.

The early afternoon session (14:20 - 16:00) will consider “Integrated RF Solutions and its Enabling and Disruptive Technologies on Critical Infrastructures and Civil Protection.” It will feature speakers from industry and academia who will consider RF solutions and systems that contribute to civil protection, the protection of our critical infrastructures and disaster relief. The session will conclude with an open forum discussion with all speakers.

Rounding off the technical sessions the “EuMW Defence, Security & Space Executive Forum” (16:40 - 18:20) will feature two executives from space industry and governmental institutions who will proffer their views on defence and space systems for security. They will be complemented by three pitch presentations.

The day’s proceedingswill conclude with a cocktail reception (18:20 - 19:00) that will afford delegates the opportunity to network and discuss the issues raised throughout the forum in an informal setting.

Registration & Updates

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As information is formalised, the Conference Special Events selection of the EuMW website will give details of the speakers for all sessions andwill be updated on a regular basis.