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Exodus Advanced Communications has introduced an ultra-broadband 50 W minimum  SSPA operating from 1 to 6 GHz. It is a Class AB linear GaN design with wide instantaneous bandwidth suitable for all modulation standards. It has power gain of 47 dB minimum and power gain flatness of 3 dB p-p maximum (constant input power) with a return loss of 12 dB minimum. The typical two-tone intermodulation is better than 30 dBc (37 dBm/tone,  = 1 MHz), harmonics better than 20 dBc and non harmonics spurious better than 60 dBc. Turn on and off speed is 5 µSec maximum.

The operating voltage is 30 to 32 V with a current of 12 A maximum. Maximum input power is 8 dBm. It has a small form factor (285 × 106 × 27 mm – excluding connectors) and is light weight. The SSPA also features built-in protection circuits with high reliability and ruggedness. Exodus produces high power amplifiers featuring LDMOS, GaN and GaAs-FET discrete transistors and die on ceramic substrates covering frequency ranges from 1 MHz up to 26.5 GHz and power levels exceeding 500 W.

Exodus Advanced Communications
Henderson, Nev.