Custom Interconnects, LLC announced the release of the most detailed RF characterization conducted to-date on their flagship Fuzz Button® technology platform. The reports are geared towards 50 Ohm impedance matching at high frequencies and include bandwidth measurements, S-parameters and VSWR, as well as SPICE Models. The reports were released as a follow-up to the recent IEEE IMS (International Microwave Symposium) held in Tampa and are expected to draw a great deal of interest from the RF design community who were eagerly awaiting their arrival. Targeted applications for this type of high frequency capability include phased radar arrays, optical communications systems, RF/coaxial semiconductors and orbital satellites - a natural fit for the superior flexibility, impedance matching, and low loss attributes of Fuzz Button® technology.

“We already knew from years of customer feedback that the signal integrity aspects of Fuzz Buttons® far surpassed the offerings of the competition, but with the publishing of these new characterization reports by an independent testing facility, we now have strong data that supports that position” stated Edward Petsuch, general manager of Custom Interconnects. “Fuzz Buttons® have a well-deserved reputation for low signal distortion, robustness and reliability. This technology, combined with our 30 years of high frequency design experience and customer program successes, means we are well positioned to meet the current and future demands of even the most sophisticated customer requirements.”

More information about Custom Interconnects, including downloadable copies of the test reports are available at