Thales Alenia Space Belgium opens its second plant in Belgium, at Leuven. This strategic new facility reflects Thales Alenia Space's growing role in Belgium, a country that is fully committed to government-funded space R&D programs at national and European levels.

The new plant will initially have a team of about 20 engineers, tasked with developing new avionics products and technologies for satellites and launch vehicles. The facility works closely with the company's microelectronics center of expertise in Leuven, as well as with Thales Alenia Space's Charleroi plant in Belgium.

According to Roger Dernoncourt, CEO of Thales Alenia Space Belgium, "By opening this new facility in Leuven, we will boost our position within the Belgian space industry. In particular, this facility includes equipment design services for new European launchers. Our goal is to develop innovative solutions that will place us in a strong position to be chosen as a supplier of avionics and electronics on Ariane 6."

Jean Loïc Galle, president and CEO of Thales Alenia Space, added, "The opening of this new facility in Belgium is a natural fit with Thales Alenia Space's strategic plan, based on expanding our presence in countries that are investing heavily in space. The creation of both this new facility in Leuven and our German subsidiary near Stuttgart, plus the recent opening of Thales Alenia Space UK, are all an integral part of our approach, which aims to ensure the ongoing growth of our company in the coming years."