Flexible MicrocircuitsMetrigraphics, a process development and manufacturing resource for ultra-miniature passive circuits and structures, announced it has achieved large-scale production of micron-scale flexible circuits six or more layers high, with traces (circuit lines) as narrow as three microns (11.81 x 10-5 inches). The circuits are so flexible they can be wrapped around objects with diameters as small as a pencil.

Products include single-layer flex, multi-layer flex, coils, sensor components, and electrodes (neuro-stimulation).

Applications include biomedical implants such as glucose and blood flow monitoring, cardiac simulation and intravascular catherization. Applications also include test and measurement, RF and microwave components, and computer hardware.

To manufacture flexible circuits with such high trace resolution Metrigraphics employs a mix of proprietary and industry-standard processes. These include high-resolution photolithography as well as sputtered thin-film and plated metal deposition. Multilayer flexible circuits are constructed of several independently stacked, aligned and interconnected layers composed of very thin sputtered metal or thicker-plated metal, such as gold or copper, on polyimide substrates. Plated conductive vias connect the different layers as required. Metrigraphics offers via sizes down to a 25-micron diameter.

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