Anite, a global leader in wireless equipment testing technology, announced that SGS, a world leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company, has selected the company’s Propsim channel emulators (Propsim) for its new anechoic MIMO Over-The-Air (OTA) test laboratory in Taiwan.

Propsim and its related MIMO OTA Modelling Tool will enable SGS to provide accurate and reliable testing services to the global wireless ecosystem in readiness for the upcoming CTIA standardised MIMO OTA performance test plan.

MIMO OTA performance testing is used to assess the end user’s experience accessing data services on a mobile device. OTA testing involves testing a wireless device without any connected cables, thereby incorporating the device antenna performance. By accurately replicating the field conditions of a live network, Propsim creates a realistic RF environment in an anechoic MIMO OTA test system.

Propsim is compliant with the draft CTIA specification related to MIMO OTA testing of all currently planned LTE transmission modes in anechoic chamber system installations. Users of Propsim are consequently able to verify that mobile devices meet expected industry requirements.

SGS benefits from Propsim’s emulation accuracy and its quick test execution, leading to reliable test results and accelerated device assessment. Furthermore, Propsim’s MIMO OTA channel model validation capability enables SGS and their customers to be highly confident of the integrity of the system’s test results.

SGS’s newly built, state-of-the-art laboratory will significantly enhance its MIMO OTA testing capacity. It will allow SGS to effectively support the growing demand for LTE MIMO device testing generated by global chipset and device manufacturers as well as mobile operators.

Paul Beaver, Products Director at Anite commented: “SGS’s selection of Anite’s Propsim demonstrates industry recognition for our leading MIMO OTA testing technology established since 2009. Anite is the only vendor that offers an integrated solution – approved by all major systems integrators – enabling LTE and LTE-Advanced testing of up to 32 channels in a single box.”

“Anite’s comprehensive radio channel and extensive MIMO OTA testing expertise as seen in the industry leading Propsim channel emulators, along with their professional technical support, contributed to our selection of Anite as our MIMO OTA testing partner”, said Joe Chen, SGS Director of Mobile Test. “MIMO antenna configurations, where both the base station and the device are equipped with multiple transmit/receive antennas, are leading to an increased need for device testing to verify the end-user experience.”