e2v, the high reliability semiconductor solutions provider, announced that, as part of a program of introductions, qualification has been completed on several devices in the Maxim Life Extension Program, including CMOS analog switches and multiplexers.

e2v and Maxim Integrated Products, Inc. (Maxim) are working together under an agreement signed in 2011, to deliver long-term product solutions to defense contractors, enabling them to avoid costly redesigns and continue the production and support of critical programs. Qualification has now been completed on several devices, including the DG305AAA/883B, a CMOS analog switch and the DG506AAK/883B and DG507AAK/883B, CMOS analog multiplexers.

e2v will also qualify additional Maxim ICs to provide ruggedized versions of multiple product types to support harsh environment applications. This includes additional qualification options, expanded temperature ranges, and special packaging if needed. The ability to provide the latest Maxim technology, qualified and tested to meet these requirements, means that e2v can support critical applications in multiple high reliability markets.

“Customers need assurance that they will be able to procure these key devices over extended product lifetimes from a fully qualified and trusted source.” said Robert Brevelle, President, e2v inc. “We are re-introducing a wide variety of obsolete Maxim devices, providing fully qualified devices using original Maxim die. Building relationships like these with semiconductor manufacturers is a critical part of the support e2v offers to prime contractors and the warfighter.”

Many more devices are now in the process of being qualified, including analog switches, analog multiplexers, A-to-D and D-to-A converters, voltage converters/references and a variety of other key Maxim-based products. A list of the parts included in this offering can be found at www.e2v-us.com/maxim.