Voltronics provides variable trimmer capacitors to the electronics industry. In the field of magnetic resonance imaging, Voltronics have developed a broad line of non-magnetic products. The V9000 series is the newest, smallest, high voltage trimmer capacitor.

The V9000 Sapphire trimmer capacitor is unique in design. It is truly sub-miniature at just 0.64“ (at minimum capacitance) in length, but offers the highest working voltage rating (2 kV) for its size - whilst delivering a capacitance range of 1 to 12 pF. Sapphire is ideal for precision trimmer capacitors as its dielectric constant is extremely stable, measuring below 0.0003 up to 10 GHz, and is chemically inert; totally moisture resistant and mechanically strong.

These trimmers have a high Q (3000 min at 100 MHz); DC working voltage of 2000 V and DC withstand of 3000 V. They are also compatible with SAC 305 reflow processing.

The V9000 Series is specifically designed for the MRI industry where its size, power, capacitance range and affordability make it the preferred choice for the next generation of coils. Due to the severe non-magnetism requirements this industry requires we use only materials that exhibit no measurable magnetism - commercial brass and plating materials are not acceptable. Our strict traceability and testing regimes ensure this essential parameter.

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