The leading mobile services provider in Mainland China, NSN, is now deploying 4G/LTE technology, which uses LISCA cable assemblies from Huber + Suhner for the mobile communications antennas.

To upgrade mobile communications to 4th generation LTE, Huber + Suhner delivered radio frequency jumper cables equipped with QN connectors to NSN. The jumper cable connects the antennas to the remote radio units. Each remote radio unit, fitted with nine QN female connectors requires nine jumper cables. The company has also designed this QN female interface on remote radio units too. According to the requirements of the customer, on one side of the jumper cable is a QN male connector and on the other an N male connector.

The cable assemblies were produced at Huber + Suhner’s production site in Shanghai and were tested for passive intermodulation and attenuation – jumper cables should have low  passive intermodulation and low attenuation. The short timeframe for these important tests was one of the challenges which Huber + Suhner faced, and was achieved successfully. Crucial to the successful completion of the tests and the selection of the company as one of the suppliers were both the excellent teamwork of the team in China and good co-operation with NSN.

LISCA cable assemblies are specially developed for applications where low attenuation combined with low intermodulation products are required. This is achieved by utilising corrugated cables with low intermodulation connectors and a controlled assembly process. However, Huber + Suhner is not only providing radio frequency, but also fibre optic solutions for the cell sites and wireless access market. This project in China will further underline the position of Huber + Suhner as the technology leader in this market.