Editorial Index

Anritsu Wiltron Co.

"A High Speed Radio Communications Analyzer," No. 4, p. 130.

ATN Microwave Inc.
"True Multiport S-parameter Measurements," No. 10, p. 140.

Ericsson Components, RF Power Products
"FETs that Address the Linearity Challenge," No. 12, p. 102.

Hewlett-Packard Co.
"An IC Characterization and Analysis Program Update," No. 7, p. 146.

Hittite Microwave Corp.
"GaAs MMICs for Changing Base Station Requirements," No. 6, p. 94.

K&L Microwave Inc.
"A Conductor-loaded Resonator Filter with a Wide Spurious-free Stop Band," No. 8, p. 104.

"Low Profile, Low Cost Microwave Mixers," No. 9, p. 176.

Noise Com Inc.
"A PHS Test System for Japan," No. 1, p. 182.

Optotek Ltd.
"Large-signal Modeling of MESFETs and HEMTs," No. 11, p. 162.

RDL Inc.
"A Low Noise, X-band Phase Noise Analyzer," No. 3, p. 130.

RF Micro Devices Inc.
"A Low Cost RF Transceiver for Data Communications," No. 2, p. 122.

Weil, Claude M. and Roger B. Marks

"High Frequencies in High Places," No. 5, p. 26.

Adams, Greg and Kong S. Luen
"A PIN Diode Antenna Switch that Doubles as a Combiner," No. 10, p. 134.

Crescenzi, Jr., E. James and Walter A. Strifler
"Design and Characterization of a Multipurpose PCS Class A Amplifier," No. 4, p. 22.

Di Paolo, Franco
"A Simple, High Yield 6 to 18 GHz GaAs Monolithic Phase Shifter," No. 4, p. 92.

Joubert, J. and S.R. Rengarajan
"Design of Unequal H-plane Waveguide Power Dividers for Array Applications," No. 2, p. 24.

Klapproth, Lars and Donald Neuf
"A 35 GHz PIN Diode Variable Attenuator," No. 4, p. 124.

Klymyshyn, David M., Surinder Kumar and Abbas Mohammadi |
"360º Linear Microwave Phase Shifter with a FET Frequency/Phase Multiplier," No. 7, p. 130.

Kobayashi, K.W.
"A Low Cost, Interchip HBT Bias Regulation Approach for Low Noise, High IP3 Receiver Architectures," No. 12, p. 64.

Korber, Jr., Marinus "Ron"
"New Microstrip Bandpass Filter Topologies," No. 7, p. 138.

Lai, R., H. Wang, Y.C. Chen, T. Block, P.H. Liu, D.C. Streit, D. Tran, M. Barsky, W. Jones, P. Siegel and T. Gaier
"155 GHz MMIC LNAs with 12 dB Gain Fabricated Using a High Yield InP HEMT MMIC Process," No. 9, p. 166.

Nadler, A.J.
"High Dynamic Range GaAs HBT LNA/Mixers for Low Cost 1900 MHz PCS Applications," No. 2, p. 92.

Niclas, Karl B. and Michael Madera-Meza
"Analysis of a 10 to 300 MHz Amplifier with Transformer Feedback," No. 9, p. 148.

Noll, Alan
"An MCM BGA Platform for Commercial Systems Applications," No. 12, p. 84.

Pollock, Jack
"The True Cost of Hermetic Seals for Aluminum Housings," No. 9, p. 138.

Rheem, Jae-wook, Won-tae Kang, Sang-ho Lee, Duk-yong Kim and Ik-soo Chang
"A Microwave Radial Power Combiner Design," No. 11, p. 22.

Simpson, R. and John M. Dixon
"The Application of Low Noise, X-band Synthesizers to QAM Digital Radios," No. 7, p. 76.

Sullivan, Patrick J., Walter H. Ku and Bernard A. Xavier
"Active Doubly Balanced Mixers for CMOS RFICs," No. 10, p. 22.

Al-Charchafchi, Sami H. and M. Raimi Ibrahim
"Experimental Investigation of Flat Radome-loaded Microstrip Patch Antennas," No. 2, p. 100.

Beckman, Claes and Ulrik Wahlberg
"Antenna Systems for Polarization Diversity," No. 5, p. 330.

Foo, Senglee, Peter Wood and Phil Cowles
"A Low Cost, Lightweight Aeronautical SATCOM Antenna," No. 1, p. 166.

Herscovici, Naftali
"New Types of Microstrip Antennas for UHF Applications," No. 5, p. 312.

Lindmark, Björn
"A Beamwidth Definition for Slanted Dual-polarized Base Station Antennas," No. 5, p. 324.

Rausch, Ekkehart O., Andrew F. Peterson and Wolfgang Wiebach
"A Low Cost, High Performance Electronically Scanned MMW Antenna," No. 1, p. 20.

Song, Hyok-Jae and Marek E. Bialkowski
"Multilayer Microstrip Patch Antenna Subarray Design Using CAD," No. 3, p. 22.

Toland, B., C.C. Liu and P.G. Ingerson
"Design and Analysis of Arbitrarily Shaped Dielectric Antennas," No. 5, p. 278.

Alechno, Stanislaw

"Static Fractional-N: The True Fractional Division Method of Indirect Synthesis," No. 5, p. 318.

Amaro, Luis R. and Matthew M. Radmanesh
"Re-entrant Filter Analysis Yielding Broadband and Compact Designs," No. 7, p. 20.

Amey, Daniel I., Samuel J. Horowitz, Stephen Sekel, Jeff Powell and Brian Durwood
"Beyond the 1 GHz Barrier with Thick-film Ceramic," No. 11, p. 122.

Boyhan, John W.
"Noise Effects at Saturation," No. 8, p. 64.

Caverly, Robert H.
"Distortion in RF and Microwave Control Devices," No. 12, p. 74.

Drozd, J. Michael and William T. Joines
"Designing Maximally Flat Quarter-wavelength-coupled Filters Using the Q Distribution Method," No. 11, p. 88.

Li, Frank Xiaohui and Greg Corsetto
"Multi-order Cancellation Technology," No. 10, p. 84.

Oldfield, Bill
"Backside Connections," No. 3, p. 108.

Talwar, Ashok
"Noise and Distortion Reduction in Amplifiers Using Adaptive Cancellation," No. 8, p. 98.

Trembinski, Theodore
"Substrate Attach Design Guidelines for Bonding Alumina to Aluminum," No. 9, p. 110.

Budka, Thomas P.

"Simultaneous Electrical and Thermal Modeling of GaAs FETs Using a Two-dimensional Partial Differential Equation Solver," No. 11, p. 142.

Dindo, Salam, Roman Meierer and Randall North
"Computer-aided Design of MMIC Variable Attenuators," No. 11, p. 134.

Garcia, Mikael, Klas Yhland, Herbert Zirath, Ilcho Angelov and Niklas Rorsman
"Fast, Automatic and Accurate HFET Small-signal Characterization," No. 7, p. 102.

Roetter, Alex and Dave Belliveau

"Single-tone IM Distortion Analyses via the Web: A Spur Chart Calculator Written in Java," No. 11, p. 106.

Sevic, John F., Chuck McGuire, Gary M. Simpson and Jaime Pla
"Data-based Load-pull Simulation for Large-signal Transistor Model Validation," No. 3, p. 124.

Staudinger, Joseph
"Applying the Quadrature Modeling Technique to Wireless Power Amplifiers," No. 11, p. 66.

Wei, Ce-Jun, Yevgeniy A. Tkachenko, Dylan Bartle, Salam Dindo and David Kennedy
"A Compact Large-signal Model of a GaAs MESFET," No. 12, p. 22.

Cellai, Luca

"A Practical Method to Calculate Group Delay Flatness by Scalar Instrumentation," No. 2, p. 64.

Chiavacci, Paul Adrian
"Analysis of Noise Power Ratio Effects on Satellite Communication System Performance," No. 6, p. 24.

Dong, Cynthia and Doug Thornton
"Using Windowing with Frequency-domain Reflectometry," No. 8, p. 82.

Gallagher, Brian
"Estimating and Measuring C/I in a GSM Wireless Local Loop Receiver," No. 10, p. 70.

Hassun, Roland
"Comparing Analog and Digital Techniques for Measuring Noise Power Ratio," No. 3, p. 88.

Juroshek, John R.
"A Direct Calibration Method for Measuring Equivalent Source Mismatch," No. 10, p. 106.

Laverghetta, Thomas S.
"A Swept Measurement for Wireless Material Dielectric Constant," No. 9, p. 96.

Laverghetta, Thomas S.
"An Analysis of Today’s Microwave Materials," No. 11, p. 148.

Šimuni´c, Dina and Zlatko Koren
"An Electric Field Measurement of a Scanning Radar Antenna," No. 9, p. 124.

Thornton, Douglas R .
"A Simple VNA Method for Mixer Conversion Loss Measurement," No. 3, p. 78.

Trikha, Pushp
"S-parameter Derivation and Measurement of a Single-ended Input and Differential Output Two-port Network," No. 10, p. 98.

Tsironis, Christos, Apostolos Samelis and Klaus Buehring
"Macro File and Design Window Compression Load Pull Measurements," No. 10, p. 120.

Wang, Hong-mei and Erhu Ni
"Permittivity Measurement of Dielectric Resonator Materials at C-band," No. 5, p. 296.

Case, Michael

"SiGE MMICs and Flip-chip MICs for Low Cost Microwave Systems," No. 5, p. 264.

Guillaume, B., J. Mabire, P. Maurin, D. Reffet, F. Chirol and E.K. Polzer
"Microwave Applications Using Photo-imageable Technology," No. 3, p. 102.

Kumar, Surinder, Abbas Mohammadi and David Klymshyn
"A Direct 64-QAM Modulator Suitable for MMIC Implementation," No. 4, p. 116.

Nam, S., F.C. Oztek-Yerli, U. Karacaoglu and I.D. Robertson
"A Compact GaAs MMIC Transmitter/Receiver Chip Set for 17 to 18 GHz LANs," No. 4, p. 78.

North, Randall, David Kennedy and Mike Murphy
"Database Sampling: A Real-world Solution to MMIC Yield Sensitivity Analysis," No. 4, p. 106.

O’Connor, Chris
"RFIC Receiver Technology for Digital Mobile Phones," No. 7, p. 64.

Spielman, David R.
"A Low Cost, Open-architecture-based System for Portable Satellite Telemetry and Control," No. 7, p. 118.

Sullivan, William B.
"Multipath Blanking in Shipboard IFM Receivers," No. 9, p. 156.

Timiri, Shailender
"RF Interference Analysis for Collocated Systems," No. 1, p. 80.

Weizmann, Michael
"SDH Radio: The Technology of Today and Tomorrow," No. 1, p. 130.

Bashore, Frank
"Acronyms Used by the RF/Microwave Industry: Part I," No. 2, p. 110.

Bashore, Frank
"Acronyms and Abbreviations Used by the RF/Microwave Industry: Part II," No. 3, p. 114.

Braun, Alexander E.
"Intelligent Transportation Systems: Mirage or Reality?" No. 8, p. 22.

Brookner, Eli
"Major Advances in Phased Arrays: Part I," No. 5, p. 288.

Brookner, Eli
"Major Advances in Phased Arrays: Part II," No. 6, p. 84.

Fallon, Jim
"Observations of a Dual-use Road Warrior," No. 9, p. 22.

Foster, Kenneth R.
"Health Effects of Electromagnetic Fields: Defusing the Controversy," No. 5, p. 336.

Halchin, David and Michael Golio
"Trends for Portable Wireless Applications," No. 1, p. 62.

Ivanek, Ferdo
"The World Telecommunication Policy Forum on GMPCS," No. 1, p. 140.

Raffaelli, Lamberto

"MMW Digital Radio Front Ends: Market, Application and Technology," No. 10, p. 92.

Samuelsson, Joachim
"New Tools in Frequency Planning," No. 9, p. 86.

Shankar, Bhawani
"The Changing Tide: Europe Turns to the Market," No. 6, p. 61.

Shankar, Bhawani
"Boundless Europe: The Wireless Revolution," No. 9, p. 66.

Wendler, John P.
"MTT Transactions and Letters On-line," No. 12, p. 98.

White, Bruce
"An Introspective Look at Value-added Distribution," No. 11, p. 156.

Alcatel Telecom Radio, Space & Defense Division
"Digital Microwave Radio Transceivers," No. 1, p. 214.

Amplidyne Inc.
"A PCS Multicarrier Linear Power Amplifier," No. 2, p. 138.

Amplifier Research
"A 0.8 to 4.2 GHz Solid-state Amplifier," No. 12, p. 112.

Arlon, Materials for Electronics Division
"Low Cost Substrates for High Speed, High Frequency, High Volume PCBs," No. 5, p. 362.

BethelTronix Inc. (BTI)
"A Single-chip RF-IF Transceiver," No. 1, p. 210.

Communications & Power Industries Canada Inc. (CPI)
"A High Power, Broadband, Ka-band Extended Interaction Klystron," No. 12, p. 108.

Cushcraft Corp.
"Versatile PCS/DCS Patch Antennas," No. 10, p. 162.

Delphi Components Inc.
"An Externally Referenced 23 GHz DRO," No. 2, p. 146.

Dielectric Laboratories Inc.
"Miniature Bias Filter Networks with High Isolation from RF to mm-waves," No. 11, p. 178.

Environmental Stress Systems Inc. (ESS)
"A Space Simulation Chamber with Thermal Ramping," No. 10, p. 156.

Hewlett-Packard Co. (HP)
"A Battery-operated Microwave Counter with an Innovative Sampler Design," No. 8, p. 110.

Hewlett-Packard Co. (HP)
"An RFIC Test Systems Contactor with a Long Lifetime and Reduced Parasitics," No. 11, p. 168.

Hewlett-Packard Co., HP EEsof Division
"Latest HFSS Release Improves Speed and Accuracy," No. 2, p. 142.

Hittite Microwave Corp.
"Plastic Surface-mount Doublers that Cover Up to 6 GHz," No. 3, p. 148.

IFR Systems Inc.
"High Performance Spectrum Analysis to 26.5 GHz," No. 8, p. 120.

Integrated Microwave Technologies Inc.
"An Advanced Transmission Line Analysis and Synthesis System," No. 9, p. 182.

ITS Electronics Inc.
"A Wideband Synthesized Test Translator," No. 3, p. 156.

Lucent Technologies Inc.
"A Wireless LAN Access Point," No. 1, p. 224.

MagCap Engineering Inc.
"A Solid-state Power Supply/Modulator System," No. 6, p. 104.

Marconi Instruments Inc.
"A GSM Digital Radio Communications Test Set," No. 5, p. 348.

"Flexible, Lightweight Cables for SATCOM Applications," No. 9, p. 188.

Micro Lambda Inc.
"Phase-locked Sources for LMDS and MVDS Applications," No. 4, p. 158.

Micro-Precision Technologies Inc. (MPT)
"A Vector Attenuator for Feedforward Amplifier and RF Predistortion Use," No. 10, p. 166.

MicroWave Technology Inc. (MwT)
"Low Noise Cellular Receiver Amplifiers," No. 7, p. 168.

Peregrine Semiconductor Corp.
"A CMOS Fractional-N PLL IC at Microwave Frequencies," No. 7, p. 162.

Programmed Test Sources Inc. (PTS)
"A Low Noise Frequency Synthesizer for the Cellular Band," No. 5, p. 358.

Reeves-Hoffman Inc.
"A Surface-mount OCXO for Wireless Applications," No. 4, p. 146.

RelComm Technologies Inc.
"A Subminiature SMT Circuit Insertion Coaxial Relay," No. 5, p. 364.

RF Micro Devices Inc.
"A Linear, High Efficiency, HBT, CDMA Power Amplifier," No. 1, p. 200.

RF Micro Devices Inc.
"A Linear IF Amplifier Featuring Analog Gain Control and an RSSI," No. 5, p. 342.

RF Micro Devices Inc.
"An FSK Transmit and Receive Chip Set," No. 3, p. 136.

RF Prime Corp.
"An I/Q Modulator for Wireless Applications," No. 1, p. 218.

"Surface-mount Coaxial Connectors," No. 7, p. 166

Sage Laboratories
"Quadrature Hybrids and Directional Couplers for Telecom Applications," No. 6, p. 112.

Salisbury Engineering Inc.
"A Digital Radio LNA," No. 4, p. 150.

Sonnet Software Inc.
"Three-dimensional Electromagnetic Software for PCs," No. 5, p. 354.

Spinner GmbH and Precision Tube Co.
"High Performance RF Jumper Cables," No. 11, p. 186.

Stanford Telecom, Microwave Systems Division and Newcomb Communications Inc.
"A Spread Spectrum SATCOM Demodulator," No. 9, p. 178.

Stanford Telecom, Telecom Component Products Group
"A Variable Data Rate VSAT Broadband Receiver," No. 3, p. 144.

Stealth Microwave, a division of SSB Technologies Inc.
"A Linearized MMDS Solid-state Amplifier," No. 1, p. 222.

Tektronix Inc.
"Fast and Accurate Spectrum Analysis to 40 GHz," No. 11, p. 174.

Toko America Inc.
"A Miniature Patch Antenna for GPS Applications," No. 8, p. 116.

United Computer and Telecommunication Inc. (UCT)
"A Portable Rubidium Reference Timebase Generator," No. 3, p. 152.

Voltronics Corp.
"Miniature 30 pF Multiturn Trimmer Capacitors," No. 9, p. 186.

Z-Communications Inc.
"Ultra-low Noise VCOs," No. 4, p. 154.


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"Explore the Centennial State!," No. 5, p. 46.

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"SAW Resonators for RF Keyless Entry Applications," No. 5, p. 304.

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"Wireless Audio and Data Using Frequency Hopping at 2.4 GHz," No. 1, p. 100.

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"Using Advanced Modulation Techniques in a WLAN Environment," No. 1, p. 118.

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"A mm-wave Wireless Local Area Network for Use inside an Aircraft," No. 9, p. 172.

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Fifth Annual Wireless Exhibition Showcase,
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