CTS Electronic Component Solutions, a division of CTS Corp., and Microsemi Corp. built and tested a joint reference design to offer high quality products for applications requiring a master clock with a fan-out buffer that deliver ultra-low jitter without compromising performance. Specifically, CTS has paired its crystal clock oscillator with Microsemi’s high performance fanout buffers to distribute multiple output clocks with typical jitter in the range of 100ƒs for critical circuit applications such as CDR, data storage, Synchronous Ethernet switches, communication transmitters and receivers, and high speed Ethernet PHYs and transceivers.

CTS’ crystal clock oscillators, VF901380 and VF901480, are designed to limit the output jitter to 55ƒs in a 9x14mm or 5x7mm package option. They can output a frequency of 156.250MHz. CTS’ low jitter crystal clock oscillators allow the designer to meet OC-192 jitter standards and are Telcordia GR-1244-CORE, GR-253-CORE, ITU-T G.813 and ITU-T G.8261 compliant.

Microsemi’s fan-out buffers complement CTS’ devices by providing additional fan-out capability with industry leading low additive jitter combined with best power supply noise rejection performance delivered by the integrated on chip low-dropout regulator (LDO). The ZL40202 and ZL40203 are LVPECL clock fan-out buffers capable of operating at frequencies up to 750MHz. Inputs to the ZL40202 are externally terminated to allow use of precision components and full flexibility. The ZL40203 provides an internal input termination that eliminates the need for external components, which reduces board space. 

The ZL40202 and ZL40203 are part of family of differential fan-out buffers that support LVDS and LVPECL signals, for additional information visit http://www.microsemi.com/products/timing-and-synchronization/clock-fan-out-buffers.

“CTS is confident in our alliance with Microsemi,” says Michael Ferrantino, Vice President of Electronic Component Solutions at CTS. He adds, “The partnership allows designers the benefits of having multiple ultra-low jitter outputs from a single input reference frequency by combining the CTS crystal clock oscillators and Microsemi’s fan-out buffer.”

“Performance driven high-speed enterprise, storage and Ethernet switch equipment suppliers will benefit greatly from this combination of an ultra-low jitter clock oscillator and cost optimized fan-out buffers, allowing them to get multiple high performance output ultra low-jitter clocks at a lower cost and lower component count without compromising performance,” said Maamoun Seido, Vice President and Business Unit Manager of Microsemi’s timing products.

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