EJL Wireless Research is unveiling its predictions for wireless RAN technology for 2014 in a new white paper.

“We are releasing our predictions for 2014 for mobile RAN technology with carrier aggregation (CA) being the primary focus for many mobile operators worldwide” said founder and president, Earl Lum.

“While many in the wireless industry remain hopefully for large scale deployments of small cell base stations in 2014, we are being more conservative with a viewpoint that outdoor microcells may see limited deployments initially with mobile operators focused more on indoor picocells/femtocells for extending LTE coverage in the enterprise markets,” says Lum.

Other predictions include:

  • 2G RAN shipments drop to <10% of total
  • Mobile backhaul PTP radios migrate to 2,048 and 4,096 QAM technology
  • North America mobile operators focus on LTE AWS spectrum (Band 4) deployments
  • European mobile operators focus on LTE 2600MHz spectrum (Band 7) deployments
  • China MIIT awards FDD-LTE licenses to China Unicom and China Telecom
  • AT&T Wireless buys Vodafone plc

EJL Wireless Research continues to lead the wireless market research segment with innovative and cutting edge research such as its DNA-I series of products and a complete portfolio of market analysis reports from antennas to base stations.

The white paper is currently available for downloading at www.ejlwireless.com.