2013-10-37 SAL-9239634001-094-C1 W Band Lens Corrected Horn AntennaModel SAL-9239634001-094-C1 is a W band lens corrected antenna with center frequency at 94 GHz and ± 2 GHz operation bandwidth. The antenna has 1.2 degree half power beamwidth with a typical of 40 dBi gain. The design offers lower than -20 dB sidelobe levels and supports both linear and circular polarizations.

The RF connector of the antenna is 0.094” diameter circular waveguide with UG387/U-M Flange. It can be altered into a standard WR-10 rectangular waveguide interface by adding a mode transition. The length of the antenna is 7 inches, which is nearly equal to its lens diameter.

The lens corrected antennas in the frequency range from 18 to 140GHz with various 3 dB beamwidth and sidelobe levels are also available from SAGE Millimeter, Inc..