SSD-24310-22L-S1 and -D1

Model SSD-24310-22L-S1 and SSD-24310-22L-D1 are K band FMCW ranging sensors. While model SSD-24310-22L-S1 offers single channel output for speed and ranging sensing only, model SSD-24310-22L -D1 offers speed, direction and ranging sensing simultaneously. The sensors operate at 24.125 GHz with +/-150 MHz frequency modulation bandwidth and 10 dBm nominal output power.

The typical conversion losses of these sensors are 6 dB for single channel and 9 dB for dual channel respectively. The sensors are equipped with a lens antenna which has 12 degree half power beamwidth and 22 dBi gain.

These sensors operate at +5 .0 Vdc and typically draw 250-mA current and require 0 to +24 Volts swing for electrical tuning. The sensors measure 3.25” diameter x 4.00” long and weigh about 10 ounces. Lens antenna based FMCW sensors in the power level of 0 to 20 dBm and antenna beamwidth other than 12 degrees are offered under several model numbers. Contact factory for product details.