Anritsu Co. announces its market-leading ME7873L RF/RRM Conformance Test System and ME7834L Mobile Device Test Platform have received the most test case validations across a single platform type for LTE-Advanced Carrier Aggregation (CA). This breakthrough further affirms Anritsu’s commitment to provide solutions for certification testing of mobile devices that implement CA, one of the key LTE-Advanced features defined in 3GPP Release 10. Earlier this year, Anritsu achieved the first PTCRB validations for CA RF and RRM tests. With the recent GCF breakthrough and additional PTCRB validations, Anritsu has cemented its leadership position in all aspects of CA device conformance tests: Protocol, RF, and RRM.

“The explosive increase in mobile data services, such as video streaming, is driving an urgent need to utilize greater RF bandwidths beyond current deployments,” said Wade Hulon, General Manager and Vice President of Anritsu Company. “Anritsu recognizes that the early availability of device conformance tests helps the industry offer these services with confidence. We intend to continue increasing the number of GCF/PTCRB test case validations on the ME7873L and the ME7834L to support the industry in upcoming deployments of LTE-Advanced.”

LTE CA enables data rates that meet the goals mandated by IMT-Advanced while maintaining backward compatibility with Release 8 and 9 LTE. CA also allows mobile operators with fragmented spectrum holdings to use those valuable resources more efficiently. CA network rollouts are already in progress in the U.S. (PTCRB Bands CA_2-17 and CA_4-17) and South Korea (GCF Bands CA_1-5 and CA_3-8).

The ME7873L and ME7834L are scalable GCF- and PTCRB-validated test systems that enable certification of LTE devices to industry and carrier standards. Test coverage is available for 3GPP 36.523-1 (Protocol), 3GPP 36.521-1 (TX, RX, and Performance), 36.521-3 (Radio Resource Management – RRM), as well as Operator-specific Protocol, RF, and RRM tests. The ME7873L is unique in its ability to provide integrated RF and RRM test capability in a single system.