VTI Instruments is pleased to announce VTI's partnership with Maya HTT for the newly upgraded Test for I-DEAS. This partnership provides customers a new and improved experience with the most comprehensive solutions for noise and vibration testing in the industry. With support for VTI Instruments' new EMX Dynamic Signal Analyzer products, Test for I-DEAS offers engineers a complete hardware and software environment with seamless integration between test domains for efficient and accurate large scale dynamic testing. 

The latest upgrade to Test for I-DEAS, version 6.4, enhances functionality, adds new features, and extends the platform's support to the latest software environments such as Windows 8. Additional features such as the Shape and XY Browsers allow rapid display of functions and mode shapes and support copy and paste transfer of active displays into MS Office documents. These displays can be manipulated on any system after installing the free viewers. Additionally the new front-end simulator has been enhanced to support simulation of sine and random inputs as well as using data from a supplied time history file. This allows a test set-up to be defined and simulated without having a front-end attached, making more effective use of time in the lab. 

Test for I-DEAS is recognized and used for more large scale aircraft and spacecraft dynamic tests than any other solution in the industry. Support for VTI's 4th generation NVH instrumentation will provide users with the highest performance data acquisition solution for high speed measurements as well as provide a logical migration path for users currently using VXI-based products to a solution that provides higher measurement performance and flexibility at a lower size and cost. Test for I-DEAS provides unique capability not typically found in a single package including finite element results display, pre and post model verification with test results, and direct measurement capability. Users are able to examine mathematical model results, optimize reduced test models, and acquire test data all in the same software environment for achieving better results in less time. 

"By partnering with Maya HTT, system engineers can continue to feel comfortable with long term support for their current VTI measurement system as well as know they have access to the highest performance migration path with EMX hardware. The upgraded Test for I-DEAS software gives our customers an enhanced experience along with the ability to continue to use the tools they have already proven, reducing doubt and training time," said Rob Harris, Executive VP of Sales.

To learn more about the VTI EMX hardware, visit: vtiinstruments.com/SentinelEX.aspx.

To learn more about the Test for I-DEAS, visit: vtiinstruments.com/pdt-ideas.aspx.