PMI model number PIQ-85M18G-360/20-CD-2 is a vector modulator covering the frequency range of 85 MHz to 18 GHz. This unit provides an attenuator resolution of 0.08 dB and a phase shift resolution of 0.703125. The attenuation is phase invariant and the phase is amplitude invariant making it ideal for nulling unwanted signals. The unit can be specifically calibrated for any number of 100 MHz bands within the frequency range.


Frequency Range

0.85 to 18.0GHz

Phase Range

360° Nominal

Attenuation Dynamic Range

20dB min.

Attenuation Resolution

0.1dB max.

Insertion Loss

-3dB ± 4dB

Amplitude Variation

±4dB across frequency range

Amplitude Variation, Narrow Band

±0.5dB across any 50MHz (100MHz to 500MHz)

±0.5dB across any 100MHz (50MHz to 18GHz)

Phase Variation, Narrow Band

±2° over any 50MHz (100MHz to 500MHz)

±2° over any 100MHz (500MHz to 18GHz)

Phase Resolution

0.8° max.

Return Loss (Input / Output)

10dB min.

RF Input Power, Operating

0dBm to +10dBm max.

RF Input Power (CW) Damage Threshold

+30dBm CW max.

Control Type

   - Frequency Setting

   - Phase Shift Setting

   - Attenuator Setting


8-BIt TTL for 100 MHz Bands

9-Bit TTL

8-Bit TTL

Band Switching

Integrated Input / Output Switch (Nominal)

Switching Speed

3usec typ.

Power Supplies

±15V and +5V

Gain For Output Amplifier

28dB Nominal

Noise Figure For Output Amplifier

4dB Typical

OIP3 For Output Amplifier

27.5dBm Typical

OP1dB For Output Amplifier

16dBm Typical


6.0" x 3.0" x 1.0"

RF Connectors


Digital / Power Connector

MDM-37PH003P or Equivalent

Mating Connector Provided


Painted Gray

Environmental Ratings:


 -20ºC to +60 ºC Operating

+25ºC for Prototype