Anritsu Co. announces that its PIM Master MW82119A has earned the Frost & Sullivan 2013 Global New Product Innovation Award for PIM Test Equipment. In presenting Anritsu with the award, Frost & Sullivan stated, “the PIM Master MW82119A demonstrates Anritsu’s commitment towards delivering higher value to users of portable PIM test equipment while addressing evolving technological trends in the PIM testing market.”

Frost & Sullivan’s research philosophy originates with its CEO’s 360-Degree Perspective™, which serves as the foundation of its TEAM Research™ methodology. This unique approach enables the company to determine how best-in-class companies worldwide manage growth, innovation and leadership. Based on the findings of this best practices research, Frost & Sullivan selected the Anritsu PIM Master MW82119A for the award. Analysts made the selection using five criteria: Innovative Element of the Product; Leverage of Leading-Edge Technologies in Product; Value-Added Features/Benefits; Increased Customer ROI; and Customer Acquisition/Penetration Potential.

“Our market-leading position in field test and strong customer relationships helped us recognize the need for instrumentation that can accurately test passive intermodulation. Anritsu leveraged its existing handheld analyzer technologies, as well as our market understanding, to design PIM Master. Its wide acceptance in the market and acknowledgement by Frost & Sullivan as the best new product for PIM testing underscores that the MW82119A is a truly innovative test solution,” said Donn Mulder, senior vice president, Anritsu Co. U.S.

Among the PIM Master differentiators noted by Frost & Sullivan was the significant reduction in size and weight of the PIM Master MW82119A compared to available solutions in the market. Anritsu’s patented Distance-to-PIM™ (DTP), which was called “the de facto standard in the industry” by Frost & Sullivan, was also a key advantage. Anritsu’s service and support, specifically its PIM training courses, were also cited as reasons for naming the PIM Master MW82119A product of the year.

“Strong innovation skills, years of experience in the wireless test equipment market, and a deep understanding of environmental conditions and customer requirements in field applications have helped Anritsu raise the bar in the portable PIM test equipment market. The feature-enriched PIM Master MW82119A is a strong value proposition for customers and justifies Anritsu receiving the 2013 Frost & Sullivan New Product Innovation Award in the Global Portable PIM Test Equipment Market,” said Frost & Sullivan industry director, Jessy Cavazos.