Microlease has become the first test equipment specialist to offer the newly-released Anritsu MW8209A PIM Master as a rental option. The analyser covers the 900 MHz band and is designed to address the growing requirement for the measurement of PIM in E-GSM networks, including UMTS Band VIII and LTE Band 8. Fully optimised with Anritsu’s proprietary Distance-to-PIM technology, the MW8209A can determine if the cause of PIM is at the base station or in the surrounding environment.

Distance-to-PIM also helps field engineers, technicians and contractors to pinpoint passive intermodulation faults, eliminating the unknown of whether the PIM source is from the antenna system or surrounding environment. The simple, immediate and accurate technology simultaneously informs the user of the distance and magnitude of all the PIM sources, both inside the antenna system and beyond the antenna. 

 The Anritsu MW8209A PIM Master is available to rent with next day delivery from Microlease and also available with flexible financial options which enable firms to benefit from the latest equipment while spreading costs and easing cash flow.

“By offering the MW8209A as a rental option, users can benefit from immediate access to the Anritsu Company’s innovative technology in a flexible way that helps provide an accurate and cost-effective means of measuring PIM in E-GSM networks, ” said Microlease’s head of OEM Relationships, Gavin Lessing-Caller.

Steve Wilding, UK sales manager for Anritsu added, “Anritsu is delighted that its Premier PIM test systems are now available to rent or lease from Microlease, Europe’s leading rental company.”

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