Park Electrochemical Corp. announced the introduction of its new NL9000 RF/Microwave electronics materials products. NL9000 materials are available globally. The company will be featuring  NL9000 products at this year's European Microwave Week (EuMW 2013).


NL9000 materials offer advanced electrical performance and high reliability. NL9000 materials have a dissipation factor (“Df”) of 0.0017 at 10 GHz using stripline testing methodology and a 0.5 dB/cm attenuation loss at 77 GHz for microstrip automotive radar applications. NL9000 materials are offered with dielectric constants (“Dk”) of 2.94, 3.00, 3.20 and 3.50. These very advanced electrical properties allow for very low loss, high frequency transmission and exceptional antenna gain and directivity performance. NL9000 materials are dimensionally stable for efficient circuit fabrication, can be combined in hybrid multilayer constructions with other circuit materials, including digital circuit materials, and can be processed using industry standard PTFE parameters. NL9000 materials are designed for high temperature, lead-free assemblies and stable performance over a range of temperature and humidity environments. NL9000 materials are well suited for RF/Microwave applications, such as automotive radar, microwave links, satellite communications, antennas and microwave components. These products meet UL 94V-0 requirements and IPC-4103 specifications and are RoHS compliant.

For information regarding NL9000 materials in North and South America, contact Neltec, Inc. at +1-480-967-5600; for information regarding NL9000 materials in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, contact Neltec SA at +33-562-985290; and for information regarding NL9000 materials in Asia and Australia, contact Nelco Products Pte. Ltd. at +65-686-17117.

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