Tahoe RF Semiconductor is announcing a new, innovative, phased array technology called BeamDirect™, for both commercial and military applications. BeamDirect improves the bandwidth and sensitivity of phased array radio systems and enables extremely fine beam steering angle resolutions. BeamDirect has been implemented as a single chip solution in standard CMOS IC process and delivers flexibility, as well as significant improvements in size, weight and power (SWaP) over competing technologies. Applications include point-to-point communications, satellite communications, navigation, and signals intelligence systems.

“With our new BeamDirect technology, Tahoe RF assumes a leadership role in the development of integrated circuit phased array technology. Tahoe RF has a proven track record of supplying advanced RFIC solutions, and this new technology builds on that depth of experience.” says Irshad Rasheed, CEO/president of Tahoe RF.

Applications of BeamDirect technology is being reported in three different papers at the MTT/IMS 2013 show in Seattle: TU3A-5, RTU2C-3 and WFE.