Model SSP-24305-42-S1 is a low cost, production ready K band FMCW ranging sensor module. The center frequency of the module is set at 24.125 GHz with +/-150 MHz frequency modulation bandwidth and +5 dBm nominal output power. The sensor operates from a single +5 .0 Vdc power supplier and typically draws 250-mA current and requires 0 to +15 volts voltage swing for electrical tuning.

The conversion loss of the sensor is around 6 dB. The sensor is designed and manufactured to meet FCC Parts 15 regulations and exhibits -0.8 MHz/°C frequency and -0.03 dB/°C power stability. The operation temperature range of the sensor is from -40 to +85 °C.

The standard model is equipped with WR-42 waveguide with UG595/U flange interface, measures 1.00” (H) x 0.85”(W) x 1.00” (L) and weighs 2 Oz. This sensor is the key building block for many FMCW ranging sensing systems. The output power levels other than +5 dBm are offered under different model numbers. Contact factory for product details.