Transline Technology, a California-based printed circuit board manufacturer, has been recognized by Lockheed Martin Aeronautics for 100 percent on-time delivery and zero quality deffects for 12 consecutive months for the year 2012. TTI also received this award for the year 2011, which means that they have had a 24 consecutive month track record of delivering 100 percent on time delivery and zero defects in total. In addition to receiving an award of recognition, TTI will also have a placard displayed in the lobby of the Palmdale, CA Lockheed facility in recognition of the year’s Outstanding Suppliers. TTI has been making very unique, high performance RF and Microwave PCBs for Lockheed Martin for over 15 years. The boards are made for the renowned Skunk Works Division, which specializes in revolutionary technology development. TTI ships a steady stream of R&D work to Lockheed every month and had developed a very tight-knit collaborative working relationship with the engineering team in Palmdale.

In addition to being honored with the Lockheed Martin award, Transline also passed their first AS-9100 C annual audit with flying colors. In fact, the auditor from NSF was unable to find even one issue in need of correction which is extremely rare. The TTI team was very pleased with their efforts which have begun paying off as they have been successful in adding customers from the Aerospace and Defense market.

Shortly after getting the good news on both the award and certification, Transline headed to San Diego for 2 days to exhibit in the Del Mar Electronics Design Show — their first tradeshow of the season. “We were ecstatic with the results we had at Del Mar,” said Judy Warner, director of sales, “this is usually more of a public relations and networking event for us and not one that typically yields many new sales opportunities. Yet this year, we were inundated at times with booth traffic and came away with over 50 solid leads. When asked what she thought made the difference Warner replied, “I think it was a combination of factors. We were more intentional in strategically displaying the full array of our products and services which include rigid, rigid-flex and flex circuits along with metal etching services. In the past we have focused more on our bare boards. Casting this wider net seemed to catch more fish, so to speak. Also, having our newest sales person, John Tusant, there was extremely helpful because he is so technically saavy — especially on flex circuits.”

Due to these recent events TTI moves ahead with anticipation and confidence into two more major trade shows within the next 30 days. The first will be The Space Tech Expo in Long Beach, CA, May 21-23rd and the second will be the MTT-International Microwave Symposium in Seattle, WA June 3-5th.