With the recent introduction of its new light weight, battery powered, 2 x 20W iPA PIM Analyzer, Kaelus (a Smiths Microwave business) is offering a trade-in program for customers wanting to replace their existing portable test instruments with the newest Kaelus PIM test equipment available on the market.

The Kaelus Trade-In Program allows customers that already own Kaelus portable PIM Test analyzers the ability to receive credit for their existing equipment which can be applied toward a new iPA Portable, Battery Powered Analyzer from Kaelus.

“For safety purposes, Carriers are beginning to require that all PIM testing is done with a portable, battery powered unit”, said Rick Hartman, President of North American Operations at Kaelus.  Battery powered units are new to the market so it was essential we create a cost-effective means for everyone to acquire the product.”

Kaelus, formerly Summitek Instruments, has been delivering Portable PIM Analyzers to the operators and their contractors since 2007 and Bench PIM equipment to manufacturers since 1996.  Kaelus has the greatest breadth of Portable PIM products (iMT, iHA, iQA, and now the iPA) and largest installed base in North America and the world.

Visit our website for complete details on the Kaelus Trade-In Program including a complete list of credits by product.