LPKF Laser & Electronics has announced it will exhibit at the 2013 Design West Exposition, which takes place April 23-25 at the McEnery Convention Center in San Jose, CA. From booth 1646, LPKF will demonstrate its line of in-house rapid PCB prototyping equipment by creating boards on its top of the line PCB milling machine, the ProtoMat S103.

The ProtoMat S103 is a benchtop PCB milling machine noted for its high accuracy. It creates PCBs by milling away unwanted copper from substrates, leaving only the desired circuit traces behind. Its standard set of features includes a pneumatic air bearing foot ideal for working with sensitive materials as well as the fiducial recognition camera which automates board alignment.

Throughout the two day exposition LPKF senior sales associate Rory Grondin will be producing PCBs on the ProtoMat S103, displaying the system’s ease of use and quick turnaround capabilities.

Stop by booth 1646 at Design West to see the ProtoMat S103 in action. Or, for more information on how in-house PCB prototyping saves time and money over its alternatives, visit www.lpkfusa.com/pcb/.