Planar K-Band Receiver

One of Spacek Labs’ receivers in its line of planar components and systems, Model P1R-29B3-2208Y, combines exceptional functionality with compact size. This system is a rugged, high performance, full K-Band (18 to 26.5 GHz) planar receiver. Each receiver operates over an LO band of 28 to 31 GHz. If a lower frequency LO band is desired, the unit can be equipped with an integrated LO frequency doubler for a 14 to 15.5 GHz LO band. The internal modular design of the housing allows any unit to be retrofitted with different options with a minimum of effort and cost. This allows systems to be customized for any given application. The housing is designed to reduce EMI/RFI.

With K-Band communication and radar systems requiring increasingly better performance, this receiver can deliver. With a low noise figure of 3.5 dB, high conversion gain, and a flat response of 3 dB, this will make your systems performance exceed expectations. To achieve full K-Band operation, a wide IF bandwidth of 1 to 13 GHz, with filtering, is used. The unit can operate using a wide range of LO drive levels. Options exist for LO drive levels from as low as 0 dBm to as high as +16 dBm.

This planar receiver has a large set of options to meet a wide variety of specifications. With Spacek’s in-house design and manufacturing capabilities, the units can be modified to meet any of your design requirements.

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