The Electronic Design Innovation Conference (EDI CON) to be held in Beijing, China next month will offer engineers and researchers practical training and insight into the state of technology driving RF, microwave and high-speed component design and system integration. The conference program will emphasize measurement, simulation and semiconductor technologies that support electronic component design for high-frequency systems from telecommunications to satellite navigation. EDI CON will serve the industry by providing access to the knowledge and expertise that engineers need to meet tomorrow’s challenges.

The bulk of papers have been provided by companies at the forefront of our industry’s technical innovations. As a result, the conference reflects global trends at the device and system levels. To understand technology trends in the context of market opportunities, the opening day will feature keynote presentations from multiple business and engineering perspectives.


  • Honorary Chair, Dr. Song Junde, academic director at Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, will open the ceremonies with a talk on the “Present and Future of RF/Microwave and High-Speed Digital Devices and Systems,” a look at the development and consumption of communication ICs in China and the systems driving this demand.
  • Strategy Analytics’ Beijing-based senior analyst Guang Yang will share insights on the mobile communications industry, discussing R&D efforts in China, standardization and strategic analysis for 3G/4G, spectrum, and emerging wireless technologies.
  • Guy Séné, president of Electronic Measurement Group, Agilent Technologies, will discuss Agilent’s long history (starting as Hewlett Packard) in China and the company’s vision for the future in his talk, “Nurturing Design Innovation for China’s Future,” previewed in this month’s special report.
  • Bertram Arbesser-Rastburg, head of the Electromagnetics and Space Environment Division of the European Space Agency and last year’s European Microwave Week chair, will provide a look at the aerospace industry and share global developments with our Chinese audience.
  • The second plenary session will feature executives from China Mobile Research Institute, ZTE Microwave Products Group and Beijing’s Radio Institute for Metrology and Measurements (BRIMM).
  • Deng Jie (ZTE) will discuss the mobile backhaul microwave radio market and his company’s R&D efforts in this area.
  • Dr. Liu Guangyi, chief researcher with the country’s largest mobile carrier, China Mobile, will offer an operator perspective on the system technologies being presented in the conference as well as China Mobile’s future product roadmap and its current leadership in small cells where the Beijing team is working to accelerate the field trials of TD-LTE small cell systems across its network.
  • Feng Keming, a director at BRIMM, will discuss his institute’s research on ultrafast optoelectronic technology for terahertz metrology, advances in metrology standards and his department’s development of highly precise microwave timing solutions for China’s GNSS project.


Peer-reviewed papers from industry experts offer insights on a range of topics related to wireless communications, high-speed computing and aerospace and defense systems. The design track explores the latest circuit and component design techniques and architectures with examples of key active and passive devices found in radio front-ends and transceivers for WiFi, small cell, 3G and LTE base-stations, backhaul networks, radars, etc. The measurements and modeling track looks at the tools and techniques used in support of virtual prototyping and design verification. The systems engineering track looks at various wireless systems and standards, receiver architectures, modulation techniques, etc., to provide broader overview of the networks driving component requirements and specifications. The commercial resources track provides a mix of vendor-based solutions and products for specific applications and engineering challenges.

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