The efficiency and linear performance of RF power amplifiers using traditional architectures may be unacceptable for future wideband LTE-Advanced applications. Consequently, extensive efforts are underway within the wireless industry to enhance these metrics by a variety of techniques e.g. Doherty, envelope tracking etc.  Such techniques have been reported to improve overall amplifier performance significantly. Considerations of new RF PA architectures and design techniques for wideband wireless applications will be the focus of several technical sessions and workshops offered by international experts presenting at the Electronic Design Innovations Conference (EDI CON)  from March 12 -14 at the Beijing International convention Center.

Join RFIC /MMIC semiconductor design engineers from Freescale, TriQuint, Nitronex, M/A-Com Technology Solutions, and Microsemi as well as RF RDA simulation experts from Agilent and AWR as they discuss the challenges and opportunities enhanced PA performance for wideband applications.

Technical Sessions

  • Wide Dynamic Range Multi-Nested Envelope Tracking Power Amplifier for LTE Application
    By Zhancang Wang, IEEE Member
  • A High-Efficiency, Small-Size GaN Doherty Amplifier for LTE Micro-Cell and Active Antenna System Applications
    By  Yu (Peter) Xia and Milos Jankovic, TriQuint Semiconductor
  • High Efficiency Inverse Class-F Amplifier Design for Envelope Tracking Line-up Driver
    By Zhancang Wang, Li Wang, Rui Ma, S. Lanfranco, Nokia Network Systems
  • Linearizing GaN Microwave Power Amplifiers Using RF Pre-distortion
    By Mendy Ouzillou, Scintera
  • A Robust 75W, 48V, 0.02-1.0 GHz Broadband GaN Amplifier
    Presented by Xinjian Zhao GaN MMIC Power Amplifier Design Engineer, Nitronex
  • Simulating an NXP Doherty Power Amplifier with Digital Pre-Distortion

Presented by Dr. John Dunn, AWR

  • Challenges in the Design and Selection of Power Broadband Amplifiers
    By Wolfram Titze, Rohde & Schwarz


  • Doherty Power Amplifier Theory and Design for Cellular Infrastructure
    Presented by Damon Holmes, RF Advanced Design Engineer, Freescale
  • A Doherty Power Amplifier with Envelope Tracking Design
    Presented by Chengcheng Xie, Agilent Technologies