CST is pleased to announce that Delcross Technologies’ EMIT (Electromagnetic Interference Toolkit) is now available through the CST of America sales channel. The software will be fully supported by CST’s skilled team of electromagnetic specialists.

EMIT adds a significant capability to CST’s existing product portfolio of antenna and system design tools. Along with Antenna Magus for early stage synthesis and CST STUDIO SUITE® for full 3D design and installed performance analysis, EMIT adds an integrated capability for analyzing multi-antenna platforms and predicting cosite interference between RF systems attached to the antennas. EMIT is able to take output data directly from CST STUDIO SUITE® and along with other available data, such as parametric radio models or actual measurements, build up  a complete system level picture of potential interference problems. Various mitigation solutions can then be explored within the tool.

CST is now able to offer a complete workflow solution for antenna design, installed performance and cosite analysis. This will enable system integrators to see the complete performance of their system before any metal is cut.  With real estate at a premium on complex vehicular platforms, small wireless devices or base station towers, such a workflow can allow fast feasibility studies and ensure the best possible real world performance.

“CST and Delcross both offer best in class technologies and the companies have great technical and commercial synergy”, commented Jonathan Oakley, VP Sales & Marketing, CST of America. “We look forward to providing and supporting complete design solutions to customers working on complex multi-antenna systems and platforms.”

“Delcross is excited about the opportunity to better serve our customers with the integration of EMIT and CST STUDIO SUITE for solving complex cosite interference problems”, said Matthew Miller, President of Delcross Technologies. “We look forward to working with CST of America in our new relationship.”