Anritsu Co. announces that Tech Mahindra has purchased the Anritsu ME7834L Mobile Device Test Platform (MDTP) to expand the LTE Conformance Test (CT) and Carrier Acceptance Test (CAT) capabilities provided by Tech Mahindra. The ME7834L enables the growing LTE device ecosystem with an additional source of test and certification services at Tech Mahindra’s lab, conveniently located in the New Jersey area.

The ME7834L MDTP purchased by Tech Mahindra is capable of simulating multiple LTE, W-CDMA, and CDMA2K cells, and provides test capability for both 3G and LTE Protocol CT, as well as 3G and LTE CAT for two major LTE wireless carriers. Due to leading validated Protocol CT test case coverage in 21 of 28 LTE bands, the ME7834L enables the shortest path to certification for device vendors. Availability of leading LTE CAT capability on the same system enables quick turnaround test capability without the use of multiple systems.

“Anritsu is pleased to support Tech Mahindra and the LTE device community with leading test case coverage on our high-performance test systems. Our ME7834L has been selected by many of the major LTE labs in the industry, including Tech Mahindra,” said Wade Hulon, General Manager and Vice President of Anritsu Company. “Anritsu has offered the LTE device ecosystem the widest range of LTE device test solutions since the initial rollout of LTE networks, and looks forward to assisting the acceleration of device development as LTE enters the mainstream.”

The Anritsu ME7834L is a modular system, with options for up to eight LTE SISO cells, six W-CDMA cells, and six CDMA2K cells with fading. Protocol CT capability is provided with TTCN2 tools for 3G and TTCN3 tools for LTE, with the leading number of validated test cases available in 21 of 28 bands (including bands 13, 4, and 17). CAT capability is provided using Anritsu’s unique Rapid Test Designer (RTD) graphical scripting tool, as well as a large library of carrier-specific test cases spanning multiple carriers, with a total LTE test case library exceeding 20 packages.