Anritsu Co. announces that its full portfolio of LTE device test solutions includes Band 14 capability to support the public safety community. This portfolio includes three LTE-capable test platforms, as well as two LTE-focused test systems. Applications for these solutions cover the complete LTE device development chain from functional test to PTCRB certification and aftermarket repair, and options for advanced functionality, such as Voice over LTE (VoLTE) and LTE Advanced/Carrier Aggregation, are available.

Each of Anritsu’s three LTE-capable platforms – the MD8430A and MD8475A Signaling Testers, and MT8820C One-Box Tester – are capable of establishing LTE calls and performing specific classes of measurements on LTE devices. While the MD8430A is focused on protocol testing, with availability of the most advanced LTE features, including Carrier Aggregation and 4x2 MIMO, the MD8475A is focused on LTE functional and application testing, with added capability for multiple formats, such as W-CDMA/HSPA, GSM/(E)-GPRS, CDMA2K, and others. The MT8820C is capable of a similar mix of LTE and other formats but is focused on lower-layer RF parametric test.

Both Anritsu LTE-focused test systems are built on the MD8430A as the core “engine,” and include the ME7873L RF Conformance Test System and ME7834L Mobile Device Test Platform. The ME7873L allows for quick public safety device certification based on Anritsu having the highest number of available PTCRB-validated Band 14 RF/RRM conformance test cases in the industry. The ME7834L provides similar benefits to the public safety market, with a leading number of PTCRB-validated Band 14 protocol conformance test cases available on the system.

“Anritsu is pleased to support the evolution of public safety communications to LTE,” said Wade Hulon, Vice President and General Manager, Anritsu Americas. “Anritsu has offered the commercial LTE industry the widest range of LTE device test solutions since the initial rollout of LTE networks, and looks forward to assisting the with the rollout of LTE for public safety across the USA.”

The MD8475A is a compact, Windows 7-based tester capable of emulating two base stations or an LTE 2x2 MIMO downlink, with formats including LTE, W-CDMA/HSPA+, GSM/(E)-GPRS, and CDMA2000. For voice call testing, both VoLTE and circuit-switched calls are supported, with circuit-switched fallback (CSFB) support for LTE to 2G and 3G. End-to-end application testing is supported by the tester, with the capability to install user-supplied servers inside the MD8475A or to connect external servers. Anritsu’s SmartStudio GUI provides easy graphical control of the MD8475A, and the internal state machine emulates real network operation without the need for scripts.

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