Anatech Electronics

Notch Filter
Model AS816N335 is an extremely high Q notch filter designed for 800 MHz GSM applications that has extremely sharp transition char-acteristics from the stopband to the passbands and extremely high rejection of -70 dB. It has a notch center frequency of 816.5 MHz, notch of 816 to 817 MHz, low-side passband beginning at 809 MHz and high side passband beginning at 821 MHz. Passband return loss is at least 18 dB. The filter measures 17.2" × 3.1" × 2.2" and uses female Type-N connectors.
Anatech Electronics,

AWR Corp

Antenna Synthesis Software
AWR, developer of the antenna synthesis product Antenna Magus, introduced Antenna Magus Version 4.1, which adds four new antenna types: axial choke horn with dielectric lens, offset-fed Gregorian reflector, Cassegrain reflector and eggbeater antenna. The new version also adds new tools, including a radar cross section tool, passive remote sensing tool and two-port network conversion tool. With this latest release, the planar portfolio of designs that connect to AWR’s Microwave Office™ software and AXIEM® 3D planar EM simulator now supports more than 50 topologies.
AWR Corp.,


Radar Synthesizer
The BenchForge Colt 5 to 6 GHz UNII/DFS radar synthesizer provides an inexpensive solution for the testing and development of DFS-enabled wireless products. It provides engineers with desktop capability to prepare for DFS product certification. Colt generates FCC Type 1-6, ETSI and Japanese radar types, as well as custom types. It connects to either Linux or Windows-based systems via RS-232. Base price is $1495.00 (price includes Colt, antenna and USB-to-RS-232 adapter.)

Antenna System Module
Ethertronics unveiled EtherModule 1.0, a turnkey, plug-and-play, active antenna system module combining Ethertronics’ advanced antenna architecture and EtherChip 1.0 tunable capacitor on a printed circuit board for easy integration. EtherModule 1.0 has a typical dynamic range of 20 dB to deliver maximum performance across a wide range of frequencies and use cases. Given the combination of closed loop functionality with a proprietary algorithm integrated in conjunction with a microprocessor, the module is capable of dynamically sensing and optimizing the antenna system, without external control signals from the device.

Hittite Microwave Corp

Power Amplifier
Hittite Microwave launched a new PA that is ideal for microwave radio, EW, ECM and radar applications to 28 GHz. The HMC994LP5E is a GaAs MMIC PHEMT distributed power amplifier that operates between DC and 28 GHz. The amplifier provides 13 dB of gain, +29 dBm of saturated output power, and 23 percent PAE from a +10 V supply. With up to +38 dBm output IP3, the HMC994LP5E is ideal for high linearity applications in military and space as well as point-to-point and point-to-multi-point radios.
Hittite Microwave Corp.,

Integra Technologies Inc

IGN2729M500 is an internally pre-matched, GaN high electron mobility transistor (HEMT).This part is designed for S-Band radar applications operating over the 2.7 to 2.9 GHz instantaneous frequency band. Under 300 μs/10 percent pulse conditions, it supplies a minimum of 500 W of peak output power with typical performance of 560 W, typically 12 dB gain and over 60 percent efficiency. Specified operation is with Class AB bias. When appropriately rated, it is operable under a wide range of pulse widths and duty factors.
Integra Technologies Inc.,

L-com Inc

Panel Antenna
L-com announced its new HyperLink 2.4 GHz 14 dBi three element, dual polarized panel antenna. TheHG2414DP-3NF provides combined vertical and horizontal polarization with high gain in a single enclosure. Compatible with IEEE 802.11 b/g/n standards, it combines three separate antennas (two vertically and one horizontally polarized multi-patch) in a single housing. It is a professional quality antenna designed primarily for MIMO point-to-multipoint and point-to-point applications. The triple feed system makes it ideal for use with APs and routers with 1, 2 or 3 antenna ports.
L-com Inc.,

mWAVE Industries LLC

Cassegrain Antenna
mWAVE Industries introduced model number RPCS2.3-250-42O, a K/Ka-Band Cassegrain antenna. The main reflector is a precision 28" diameter lightweight composite with integral mounting hub. The primary radiator is a corrugated conical horn providing exceptional polarization discrimination performance, sidelobe suppression and beam symmetry. Rx operating frequency range is 22.55 to 23.55 GHz. Tx operating frequency range is 25.25 to 27.50 GHz. Input is a WR-42 flat flange with o-ring. The polarization is single CP, switchable. Polarization is electronically switchable between LHCP and RHCP via remote control using a 24 V DC waveguide switch.
mWAVE Industries LLC,

Pulse Electronics Corp

NFC Antenna
Pulse Electronics introduced a near field communications antenna that enables mobile phones to read data from a distance of up to 40 mm. The planar ferrite sheet-based antenna has dimensions of 35 × 50 mm with a minimum thickness of 0.30 mm, including the ferrite/adhesive/antenna flex layers. The magnetic field strength can be optimized by the type and thickness of the ferrite material and the design of the radiator pattern. The antenna meets EMVco specifications ensuring global interoperability and compatibility of chip-based payment cards and acceptance devices.
Pulse Electronics Corp.,

Radio Frequency Systems (RFS)

Microwave Antenna
Featuring a wind-tunnel tested design suited for both tight urban locations and rugged outposts, the SB6-W60B microwave antenna offers a superior radiation pattern for consistent performance with less interference. It has a compact design and offers reliable frequency coordination and high frequency re-use. The SB6-W60B covers the full 6 GHz frequency band of 5.925 to 7.125 GHz and is available in single and dual-polarized models with the option to upgrade from single to dual polarization and change frequencies in the field.
Radio Frequency Systems (RFS),


Florida RF Labs

Cable Assemblies
Florida RF Labs has expanded its Lab-Flex® family of cable assemblies to include two new 50 GHz designs. They are ideal for high frequency test applications and high-density interconnects where insertion loss and stability over temperature are concerns. As with all Lab-Flex products, these assemblies offer > 90 dB of shielding effectiveness and both offer a wide range of connectors including SMA, 2.4mm and 2.92mm interfaces in various configurations. The Lab-Flex product family currently consists of five cable diameters: 0.100", 0.125", 0.200", 0.290" and 0.335".
Florida RF Labs,

Phase Shifter
Herley General Microwave’s digitally programmable model 7929 phase shifter is an ideal solution for today’s military airborne systems. It
operates over the 18 to 40 GHz frequency range, provides 360° phase shift with accuracy of < ±15° and switching time of < 500 nanoseconds. Phase control via 10 Bit TTL providing high resolution of 0.35° and guaranteed monotonic.
Herley General Microwave,

Integrated Microwave Corp

Highpass Filter
Integrated Microwave offers a high-frequency true elliptic function highpass filter. This small-profile filter offers a nominal passband insertion loss of 0.7 dB at 5.2 to 13 GHz. This superior rejection provides 20 dB at 4.9 GHz, and –40 dB nominal DC to 4.8 GHz, with a 3 dB cutoff at 5.15 GHz. Performance is comparable to a suspended substrate, but at one-quarter the size and cost.
Integrated Microwave Corp.,

Linear Technology Corp

Digital Isolator
Linear Technology introduced the LTM2883, a six-channel SPI/Digital or I²C digital µModule®isolator with triple rail regulated power for 3.3 and 5 V systems. The LTM2883 breaks ground loops by electrically separating communications signals, isolating the logic level interface on each side of an internal inductive isolation barrier that withstands a very large common-mode voltage range up to 2500 V RMS. The LTM2883’s low EMI isolated DC-DC converter powers the communications interface and provides adjustable 5, +12.5 and -12.5 V supply outputs.
Linear Technology Corp.,

Mesa Microwave Corp

In-Series Adapter
Mesa Microwave introduced P/N MMCNPPA plug-to-plug adapter in stainless finish at 50 Ω. Mesa Microwave “In-Series” adapters are available in 50 and 75 Ω. The company’s adapters feature stainless steel construction for a more precise interface, and it also manufactures precision adapters with higher frequency ranges. Visit its website to learn more about its full line RF components such as precision coaxial connectors, cable assemblies and electronic components.
Mesa Microwave Corp.,


Jumper Cables
Microlab has extended its line of JP/JR/JS series jumper cables. With an operating range of DC to 3 GHz, these cables are ideal for all telecommunication applications in the frequency bands between 380 and 2700 MHz. They are attractively priced and “Microlab Certified.” Microlab’s jumper cables are available with N and DIN 7/16 connectors, both as straight and rectangular types. Available connector combinations are: JP straight (m)/straight (m), JR straight (m)/rectangular (m), JS rectangular (m)/rectangular (m).

Microtech Inc

Extra Flexible Waveguide
Extra flexible waveguide is available in both standard and custom designed configurations, spanning frequencies from 10 to 50 GHz. This product is ideal for applications that require repetitive or wide-angle flexure. The interior is silver plated for minimal insertion loss. Microtech manufactures flexible waveguide from WR10 (110 GHz) down to WR650 (1.12 GHz). The company has been serving customers for 58 years, developing different sizes and types of flex to meet customers’ specifications.
Microtech Inc.,

Pasternack Enterprises Inc

Low PIM Connectors
Pasternack’s high performance low PIM connectors are designed to fit most commercially available ½" corrugated copper and aluminum cables. They are available in 7/16 DIN and Type N series with male and female interfaces. Pasternack’s custom length assemblies using these new low PIM connectors are made to order and ship the same day. Each PIM connector body is plated with a tri-metal Abaloy coating that produces a very durable surface with good corrosion protection while providing superior electrical conductivity and exceptional PIM performance.
Pasternack Enterprises Inc.,

Response Microwave Inc

Dual Balun
Response Microwave announced the availability of its new dual balun family for use in converting E1/T1 channels from 75 Ω coax to two 120 Ω twisted pair signals. Part of the Compel series of connectivity products, the new units operate between DC and 3 MHz and offer return loss per CCITT G703, signal balance according to ETS300166 and support E1 data rates to 2.048 Mpbs and E2 rates to 8.448 Mbps. Configurations are available with 1.0/2.3 coax to RJ45 and BNC coax to RJ45.
Response Microwave Inc.,

RF Micro Devices

Digital Step Attenuators
RFMD’s new RFSA2644/2654 6-bit digital step attenuators (DSA) feature high linearity over their entire 31.5 dB gain control range with excellent step accuracy in 0.5 dB steps. They are programmed via a serial mode control interface that is both 3 and 5 V compatible. They also offer a rugged Class 1C HBM ESD rating via on-chip ESD circuitry. The MCM package is footprint-compatible with most 24-pin, 4 × 4 mm, QFN packages.
RF Micro Devices,

Ritron Inc

Wireless Transceivers
Specialized wireless transceivers from Ritron provide OEMs and integrators with wireless connectivity and COTS convenience in a compact, cost-effective package. Available in various configurations – including RF transceivers and radio modems – they permit integration into systems demanding utmost performance in congested frequency environments. A small footprint minimizes space requirements, while all components are placed on the top side of a single PCB for mechanical rigidity and increased protection against damage. Narrow band (12.5 kHz) and very narrow band (6.25 kHz) models are available.
Ritron Inc.,

RLC Electronics Inc

Adjustable Delay Line
RLC Electronics’ manually adjustable delay line (phase shifter) offers continuous adjustment of electrical delay over the frequency range of DC to 40 GHz. Adjustment is through a multiturn, locking shaft with approximately 5 picoseconds per turn. Low insertion loss and VSWR are maintained throughout the adjustment range. The unit comes with a choice of male or female 2.92 mm connectors. It has a 50 Ω impedance, 5 W average power rating and a -55° to +85°C temperature range.
RLC Electronics Inc.,

Times Microwave Systems announced its new non-solder two-piece EZ 7/8 EIA flange, 7/16 DIN and Type N connectors for LMR-1200-DB and LMR-1200-FR flexible low loss 7/8"
50 Ω coaxial cables. These high quality connectors utilize a non-solder spring finger center conductor contact and clamp-style outer contact attachments. The total number of connector parts has been reduced from six pieces to only two pieces making them ideal for field installations. Non-solder EZ style connectors are also available for most LMR® cable types and sizes.
Times Microwave Systems,


Comtech PST

SSPA Module
Comtech PST introduced model BME69189-20,a GaN-based, 6 to 18 GHz, 20 W RF solid state power amplifier. It features high efficiency (12.5 percent typical), full power across the entire bandwidth, low harmonic distortion, and is compact and lightweight (6.56" × 3.50" × 0.84", 5 lbs.). It has a noise power output of –105 dBm/Hz typical and an operating temperature of –40° to +55°C Baseplate (external heatsink required).
Comtech PST,

Traveling Wave Tube Amplifiers
Comtech Xicom announced an expanded 12.75 to 14.5 GHz frequency coverage option for its Ku-Band TWTAs. Its new line of high-efficiency, antenna-mount TWTAs, including models XTD-400KHE and XTD-750KHE, are capable of operating across this entire band. Xicom’s model XTD-1250KL antenna-mount amplifier, as well as the new XTRT-1250KL rack-mount amplifier with touch screen control interface, are also available with the extended wideband coverage. In support of this new bandwidth, Comtech Xicom is now offering 400, 750 and 1250 W TWTAs that provide full spec-compliant performance over the expanded band.
Comtech Xicom Technology Inc.,

Custom MMIC

Amplifier Die
Custom MMIC is offering a new device from its growing MMIC library of standard products. The CMD173 is a wideband GaAs MMIC distributed amplifier die for applications from DC to 20 GHz. This device delivers greater than 15 dB of gain with a corresponding output 1 dB compression point of +18 dBm, and a noise figure of 1.5 dB at 8 GHz. The CMD173 is an all-positive bias design, thus eliminating complicated and costly sequencing circuits while also simplifying board layout.
Custom MMIC,

Empower RF Systems Inc

Amplifier Module
Richardson RFPD announced immediate availability of a new high power amplifier module from Empower. The 1163/BBM2E3KLO is a 20 to 520 MHz, 7" × 4" × 1.5" amplifier that is guaranteed to deliver 125 W output power and related RF performance under all specified temperature and environmental conditions. It uses high power LDMOS transistors and offers built-in control and monitoring, with protection functions that include non-volatile memory for event recording and factory setup recovery features.
Empower RF Systems Inc.,
distributed by Richardson RFPD Inc.,


Waveguide LNAs
Model AMFW-6S-12601520-90-WR62 is a very low noise, high dynamic range, weatherproof Ku-Band waveguide front end, operating from 12.65 to 15.2 GHz. Includes a pressure sealed WR62 waveguide input and SMA (F) output. The LNA is lightweight (approximately 270 g) with a small profile (2.1" × 1.31" × 1.31") footprint. The aluminum alloy housing is sealed against most severe environmental conditions. This LNA includes reverse voltage, over current and over temperature protection in addition to full internal regulation.


GaN Power Amplifier
RADITEK’s high efficiency broadband GaN power amplifier delivers a minimum saturated output power (Psat) of 50 W over the frequency range 20 to 1000 MHz. Standard specifications: operating voltage 28 V DC, supply current at Pout = 50 W is 6 amps. Dimensions (excluding heatsink): 188 × 91.5 × 21.3 mm, weight = 800 g. RF connectors in/out: SMA female, interface connector: 9 way D type.

TriQuint Semiconductor

RFMW announced design and sales support for TriQuint Semiconductor’s TQP3M9037, an internallymatched, low noise amplifier combining a 0.4 dB noise figure with 20 dB gain and 35 dBm OIP3 in a 2 × 2 mm DFN package. This LNA provides an instantaneous bandwidth of 1500 to 2700 MHz and requires only bypass/blocking capacitors and a bias inductor for operation, no matching components are required. In addition, TriQuint engineering has integrated shut-down biasing capability to allow for TDD applications.
TriQuint Semiconductor,
distributed by RFMW Inc.,



Miniature Frequency Synthesizers
AtlanTecRF’s miniature single phase-locked loop frequency synthesizers exhibit fundamental output frequencies up to 12.5 GHz and multiplied output frequencies to 25 GHz. With control via a choice of either RS485 or Ethernet, each unit can be taken through its frequency range in 1 kHz steps with 5 ms switching speed. In addition to output frequency range, these synthesizers include the choice of internal or external reference and input power is taken from a +5 V DC supply.

Crystek Corp

Voltage Controlled Oscillator
Crystek’s CVCO55CC-2610-2625 VCO operates from 2610 to 2625 MHz with a control voltage range of 0.5 to 4.5 V. This VCO features a typical phase noise of –120 dBc/Hz at 10 KHz offset and has excellent linearity. Output power is typically +7 dBm. Engineered and manufactured in the USA, the model CVCO55CC-2610-2625 is packaged in the industry-standard 0.5" × 0.5" SMD package. Input voltage is 8 V, with a maximum current consumption of 30 mA. Pulling and pushing are minimized to 2 MHz and 0.2 MHz/V, respectively.
Crystek Corp.,

Jackson Labs Technologies Inc

Frequency and Timing Reference
Jackson Labs Technologies announced the availability of its breakthrough LC_XO 10 MHz frequency and timing reference which integrates a GPS receiver, power supplies, and an ovenized, disciplined crystal oscillator into a sub 1" × 1" footprint. The LC_XO time and frequency reference is a highly integrated global positioning system disciplined oscillator (GPSDO) using a 50 channel GPS receiver with WAAS to discipline an OCXO or TCXO to typically better than 0.5 ppb frequency accuracy.
Jackson Labs Technologies Inc.,

Bench Test Frequency Synthesizers
Micro Lambda Wireless announced the production release of bench test frequency synthesizers covering the frequency range of 2 to 20 GHz in customers specified frequency bands. Utilizing the MLSP-Series of frequency synthesizers, units provide +10 to +13 dBm output power levels and are specified over the standard lab environment of +15° to +55°C temperature range. All units consist of a frequency synthesizer, AC power supply, heat sink with fan, key pad, tuning knob, frequency display and driver circuitry.
Micro Lambda Wireless Inc.,


Amplified Noise Source
NoiseWave announced the immediate availability of the new NoiseWave NW6G-B/SM surface mount amplified noise source. The NW6G-B/SM is an ideal choice for surface mount PCB applications. Offering broadband frequency coverage from 200 kHz to 6 GHz, it features at least 30 dB ENR with typical flatness of ± 2.5 dB or better. All bias circuitry is included so operation is simple and repeatable. The unit draws only 10 mA current from +12 V DC.

PMI model no. PIA-10G-CD-1 is a 10 GHz integrated, dielectric resonator (DRO) module with three outputs, each having a 0° to 360° analog controlled, variable phase shifter and 0 to 10 dB analog controlled, variable output control capability on each of the outputs. This model provides a low harmonic output of –50 dBc typical and an output power level of +19 dBm typical. This DRO operates on ±15 V DC and is supplied in a compact package measuring 6.25" × 2.5" × 1.0". Other frequency ranges are available.
Planar Monolithics Industries Inc.,

Z-Communications Inc

Fixed Frequency Synthesizer
Z-Communications announced the new RoHS compliant fixed frequency synthesizer model SFS4000C-LF for satellite communications and test equipment. The  SFS4000C-LF is a single frequency synthesizer that is phase locked at 4000 MHz while using a 10 MHz reference. This coaxial resonator PLL features remarkable phase noise of –102 dBc/Hz at 10 kHz offset and typical sideband spurs of –65 dBc. The low phase noise device is designed to operate over the extended commercial temperature range of –25º to 90ºC.
Z-Communications Inc.,