Pasternack Enterprises Inc., a leading ISO 9001:2008 manufacturer and global supplier of RF and microwave products, introduces its new line of high frequency RF switches. This new line of RF switches is perfect for applications requiring a broad spectrum of frequencies up to 40 GHz.

Pasternack broad frequency solid state PIN diode switches are active microwave switch devices that route a high frequency RF signal through a set transmission paths. RF switches from Pasternack are most commonly used in microwave test systems for routing varying RF signals between instruments, allowing multiple tests to be performed at the same time using the same setup. These high isolation RF switches have frequency ranges from 500 MHz to 40 GHz and a power rating of 0.1 Watts (20 dBm).

Pasternack Enterprises’ PIN diode absorptive switches come standard with Transistor-Transistor Logic (TTL) and can be ordered with SMA or 2.92mm connectors. Pasternack’s high speed switches include single-pole-single-throw (SPST), single-pole-double-throw (SPDT), single-pole-three-throw (SP3T), single-pole-four-throw (SP4T), or single-pole-eight-throw (SP8T) switch designs. These absorptive RF switches have switching speeds as low as 1 microsecond while also having very low insertion loss and low reflection.

“Our new line of high frequency PIN diode switches is a great addition to the breadth and depth of our active RF component product family,” says Gerry Camacho, VP of Technical Services at Pasternack Enterprises, Inc. “This new line of RF switches expands Pasternack’s reach into higher frequencies to address increasing customer demands for broadband active components.” 

The new line of high frequency wide band PIN diode switches from Pasternack are available now. View the new RF switches with accompanying detailed specifications on Pasternack’s website or by visiting directly. Pasternack Enterprises Inc. can be contacted at +1-949-261-1920.