Rakon, a leading global provider of frequency control solutions, and Symmetricom® Inc., a worldwide leader in precision time and frequency, announced that Rakon has joined Symmetricom’s SyncWorld® Ecosystem Program.

The transition to all-IP networks and migration to 4G/LTE networks demand strict timing and synchronisation requirements. Successful integration and interoperability are key to ensuring that customers’ end-to-end deployments will maintain service continuity around the clock.

To meet these requirements and support the transition to packetised backhaul networks and 4G/LTE mobile platforms, Symmetricom has established the SyncWorld Ecosystem Program to enable interoperability and cooperation among the vendors who will deliver on service providers’ advanced networking requirements.

The addition of Rakon to the newly launched SyncWorld Ecosystem Small Cell Program will enable further benefits for network equipment manufacturers and small cell vendors by offering best-of-breed timing and synchronisation solutions.

“Symmetricom and Rakon have built a strategic partnership to provide a timing and synchronisation solution for residential and enterprise small cells,” said Mary Carbin, Rakon’s Business Development Manager.

“The Symmetricom software has been optimised to provide the best performance with Rakon oscillators using Pluto and RTX-A TCXOs and Mercury IC based OCXOs depending on the small cell class; wireless technology; indoor and outdoor use; NTP or PTP etc. This proven combined solution enables network equipment manufacturers and original design manufacturers to complete their small cell designs with lower risk and faster time to market.

“The NTP/PTP software requires an extremely stable oscillator that maintains performance over temperature extremes and with low aging. Rakon’s oscillators meet these challenging demands and are mature products in volume production; ensuring low risk and a perfect fit with Symmetricom’s software solution”.

The solution comprises software from Symmetricom (SCr for residential and SCe for enterprise) that is embedded in all major baseband processors and a Rakon oscillator.