Mindspeed Technologies, a leader in semiconductor solutions for small cell base stations, and China Mobile Research Institute (CMRI), the research institution of China's largest mobile operator, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to collaborate on multiple initiatives related to Nanocell research in China.

Nanocell is a newly defined radio access equipment category that integrates cellular small cell and carrier grade WLAN access points. This is an important milestone for the continued rapid build-out of China Mobile's heterogeneous network (HetNet) and Mindspeed's small cell base station platform based on its Picochip TD-SCDMA and Transcede®LTE system on a chip (SoC) solutions.

To accelerate the adoption and deployment of the small cell network in China, Mindspeed will collaborate with China Mobile Research Institute in Beijing to accelerate the field trial of TD-LTE small cell systems across the China Mobile Communications Corporation's (CMCC's) network in China.

Further, the company will work closely on such key research issues as SON technologies, synchronization methods and network topology. With more mobile subscribers in China than any other country in the world, the development of a small cell network is critical to meet the growing data and traffic demands on the network.

"We are very excited to sign this agreement with China Mobile, one of the world's leading carriers," commented Raouf Y. Halim, Mindspeed's CEO. "It highlights Mindspeed's leading SoC platform and the broad spectrum of our product capabilities."

"Mindspeed has demonstrated itself as a leader in TD-SCDMA and small cells and we look forward to working in China as we prepare for the next wave of TD-SCDMA and TD-LTE rollouts on China Mobile's network," said Naser Adas, vice president and general manager, wireless at Mindspeed. "Transcede's leadership position in terms of low power consumption combined with high performance and support for China's TDD-LTE standard will allow China Mobile operators to deploy this key new technology earlier and more profitably than was previously possible."