Sikorsky Aircraft and Terma A/S, a leading defence, aerospace and security company in Denmark, have started negotiations to determine how Terma’s aircraft defence systems might be integrated onto Sikorsky’s S-70i™ BLACK HAWK, S-92® and S-76® helicopters. The scope of work is contingent on the Danish government’s decision to procure Sikorsky MH-60R SEAHAWK® helicopters via the US Government’s Foreign Military Sales program.

“Preliminary negotiations with Sikorsky Aircraft are very positive,” said Jørn Henrik Levy Rasmussen, Vice President, Terma Global. “Sikorsky Aircraft’s platforms combined with Terma’s mission-critical solutions make a perfect fit.”

Sikorsky and Terma have signed two memoranda of understanding in the past two years to explore ways the two companies can collaborate to fulfil offset obligations associated with the Danish Maritime Helicopter Program. The Danish Government is considering the US Navy’s MH-60R helicopter as one of two rotary wing platforms remaining in the competition. A selection is expected later this year. The Royal Danish Navy will use the aircraft to perform homeland defence operations and improve the country’s international commitments for transport, surveillance, and search and rescue.

“Terma has a tremendous track record developing and integrating electronic warfare and countermeasures systems that protect helicopters from guided missile threats,” said Robert Kokorda, Sikorsky’s Sales and Marketing Vice President. “Our discussions centre around offering Terma’s ALQ-213 controller and countermeasures capability as an option for helicopters we sell internationally, specifically the S-70i utility helicopter we make in Poland for militaries around the world, and the commercial S-92 and S-76 helicopters used for VVIP transport.”