Agilent Technologies Inc. introduced economical semipermanent solder-in probing solutions for its InfiniiMax III oscilloscope probing system. Engineers can use these accessories forhigh-speed digital system design, component design/characterization and differential serial bus measurements.

Agilent N2838A 25-GHz ZIF (zero insertion force) tips come with plastic sporks to aid in soldering the tips to the device under test.The tip uses a PC board substrate, making it a highly durable and convenient probing solution.

The Agilent N2836A InfiniiMax III 26-GHz solder-in head is an economical semipermanent connection that provides up to 26 GHz of system bandwidth.The ZIF tip and solder-in headcome pre-attached with a pair of damping resistorsfor eliminating the distortion and loading that affect probes with in-band resonances. They are user replaceable, so an engineer with a damaged resistor tip can simply solder a new damping resistor to the tip and quickly resume work.

InfiniiMax III differential active probes offer up to 30 GHz of high-bandwidthperformance for measuring differential signals, with superior signal integrity and flexible connectivity solutions for today’s high-density integrated circuits and circuit boards. InfiniiMax III probes are compatible with Agilent’s Infiniium 90000 X- and Q-Series oscilloscopes.

U.S. Pricing and Availability

The Agilent N2836A solder-in headis now available for $1,200.The N2838A ZIFtip set isnow available for $400.

Additional information

Additionalinformation about the N2836A InfiniiMax III solder-in headisavailable at Additionalinformation about N2838A InfiniiMax III ZIF tipsisavailable at A photograph of the new Agilent InfiniiMax III accessoriesis available at

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