About Skyworks’ New High Power SPDT Switches

The SKY12207-478LF(0.9 – 4.0 GHz), SKY12208-306LF(0.02 – 2.7 GHz) and SKY12210-478LF(0.9 – 4.0 GHz) are high power SPDT silicon-based PIN diode switches.  The 4 x 4 millimeter, 16-pin quad flat no lead packaged devices features low insertion loss (0.4dB), high isolation (44 dB), excellent power handling (50 and 100 Watts) and superb linearity with low direct current (DC) power consumption.  They all operate with a 5 or 28 V positive DC voltage supply across a broad frequency range (20 MHz – 4.0 GHz).  Skyworks has also developed a complementary driver application circuit to align with these switches.

Pricing and Availability

Skyworks’ new switches are currently available.  For volume pricing, samples, evaluation boards and integrated driver circuit, please contact

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