Cassidian, the defence and security division of EADS, has introduced the new SPEXER 1500 security radar which opens up completely new opportunities for the mobile protection of border regions and sensitive industrial or military installations.

The SPEXER 1500 is optimized for the surveillance of border areas and critical infrastructures such as oil fields and military camps. With an instrumented range of 40 km, its high Doppler and velocity resolution as well as its high clutter suppression, it is able to detect, track and classify even very small and slowly moving objects such as pedestrians, but also fast objects such as speed boats in the sea or low-flying objects such as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. In addition, a camera mounted on top of the radar can be cued to the radar in order to identify suspicious objects. Also, the radar is compact all-in-one and portable because of its low weight and low size and can also be installed temporarily or in mobile configurations.

Dr. Elmar Compans, Head of Cassidian's Sensors & Electronic Warfare, said: "SPEXER 1500 is the worldwide first security radar using the latest radar technology of Active Electronically Scanning Array (AESA), which provides a multi-tasking and multi-mode capability and increases the detection and target assessment capability substantially. Due to its dual beam capability, it can replace several conventional radars."

The SPEXER 1500 is part of the SPEXER security radar family, which consists of several radars, each optimized for specific applications including border, infrastructure, perimeter and coastal surveillance. A specific version for wide-area and long distance border surveillance, SPEXER™ 2000, is under production for a large border surveillance system in the Middle East. A military version has been developed for the German Army while a derivative for coastal surveillance, SPEXER 2000 Coastal, is ready to be deployed.