90000Qseries63 GHz of real-time bandwidth on 2 channels 33 GHz of real-time bandwidth on 4 channels

Agilent introduces the 90000 Q-Series,their latest step forward in the application of microwave expertise to real-time oscilloscopes. At the extremes of electrical and optical measurements, the right oscilloscope will help you explore the “what” and also understand the “why.” That’s the idea behind Agilent’s Q-Series. Even at its industry leading bandwidths, the Q-Series lets you see your fastest signals as they really are. Equip your lab with the Q-Series—and achieve your real edge.

Scope Functions and Features:

  • Directly digitize to 63 GHz
  • Capture rise times as fast as 5 ps (20/80)
  • Measure sub 75 fs jitter
  • Capture actual 28 Gbps signals
  • Analyze data up to 1 Tb/s 

Other Tools and Applications:

  • Spectrum Analyzer
  • Optical Modulation Analyzer
  • Network Analysis: TDT
  • Full Offline analysis software: InfiniiView
  • Jitter Analysis Tools: EZJIT and EZJIT+ 

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