Richardson RFPD will host a broad line of experts from their supplier base that will make short presentations in their IMS/MTT-S Booth # 1818. Visit their web page to view the schedule.


Eric Higham Strategy AnalyticsEric Higham, Strategy Analytics

Director of GaAs & Compound Semiconductor Technologies Service

Title of Presentation: Enabling Next Generation Radar, Communications and Electronic Warfare with GaN Technology

Compound semiconductor technologies have always played a prominent role in defense systems and future generations of radar, communications and EW systems will continue to drive improvements in compound semiconductor capabilities. This presentation will introduce the capabilities of current and emerging technologies and outline future trends in radar, EW and communications systems that will influence future system design. Strategy Analytics forecasts that GaN will become a pivotal technology in the next generation of AESA radar, as well as continuing to play an integral role in current and future EW systems. The net-centric approaches for future military communications systems will require high power, wideband and high frequency capabilities and these requirements should also provide a good fit for GaN attributes.



As Director for the GaAs & Compound Semiconductor Technologies Service, Eric Higham provides analysis of the dynamics and trends for processes, technologies and components in wired and wireless communications markets. His areas of research include 3G and emerging 4G wireless networks, fiber optic networks, CATV, millimeter wave communications, broadband, military radar, EW and communications applications.

Prior to joining Strategy Analytics, Eric worked in a variety of engineering, business development and marketing roles for Raytheon, Micro-Dynamics and M/A-COM. In these positions, he participated in the emergence and growth of the commercial wireless industry. Eric was most recently President and founder of Spectrum Business Development, where he developed market and product research for a variety of market applications.

After over three decades in the semiconductor field, he brings a deep understanding of the technical and market trends in the GaAs and compound semiconductor sector. Eric holds an MSEE degree from Northeastern University in Boston, MA and a BSEE degree from Cornell University in Ithaca, NY.


Gary Lopes MACOMGary Lopes, M/A-COM Technology Solutions 

Senior Director, RF Power Technologies

Title of presentation: New GaN Products and GaN Reliability Study

This presentation will discuss the results of M/A-COM Techs RF power life testing on our GaNSiC and a short review for five of our new GaNSiC products.



Gary Lopes has been in his current role as the Senior Director for RF Power Technologies since 2010. In this role, his focus is to acquire, develop, and implement, new advanced RF technologies into M/A-COM Tech at the semiconductor, transistor, and system level.

Mr. Lopes joined M/A COM, in 1982 as an Engineering Manager focused on product design for communications and infrastructure before moving into the Engineering Directors position in 1992. In March of 2001 he took the position as Director and General Manager for the Power Hybrids Operation leading the team to design, manufacture, and market a broad portfolio of high power radio frequency (RF) semiconductor technology solutions in the communications, radar, avionics, and industrial markets. 

Mr. Lopes’ career began in 1972 as a Design Engineer for TRW Semiconductors in Lawndale, California. In addition to TRW and M/A-COM, Mr. Lopes has also held senior management positions at Digital Microwave (now Aviat Networks) and as Engineering Director for Ericsson Microelectronics AB.

In addition to his forty years of experience in RF power semiconductors Mr. Lopes holds an Associates Degree in Electronics and three patents related to RF power semiconductor design and application.


Pierre Piel FreescalePierre Piel, Freescale Semiconductor

Operations Manager, RF Power products

Title of Presentation: Breaking New Ground: Advancements in RF LDMOS Redefine Its Potential

Have you heard of Freescale’s breakthrough rugged LDMOS?

Known as the E series, it took the industrial RF power market by storm since its market debut in 2010. 65:1 minimum VSWR ratings, leading power gain and efficiency, add power level up to 1.25kW CW, and you see why.  This talk will focus on practical application of this product line from 27MHz to 2.45GHz, with details review of Freescale reference designs. We will present new industry high efficiency trends, and associated architectural shifts. 


Pierre runs the RF Power business at Freescale Semiconductor. The RF power product line is focused on products and solutions outside of the wireless infrastructure market and focus on Broadcast, Industrial, Medical and air traffic management.

Pierre’s background in RF power semiconductor spans from design and application engineering positions at Motorola and Freescale, to his current product management role. He has been with Freescale Semiconductor since 2000 and is based out of their Tempe, Arizona facility.


Grant Wilcox TriQuintGrant Wilcox, TriQuint

PMO – Programs and Product Marketing
Defense Products and Foundry Services

Presentation title:  GaN Product/Technology Development Overview

The presentation will provide an update on TriQuint’s Gallium Nitride technology and associated product development activities.  The primary focus will be on product development activities, competitive analysis for the subject products and key attributes to get the win.  A secondary focus will be a high level update on our technology improvement programs including both internal and external funded activity and associated schedules.


Grant Wilcox is Product Marketing Manager for the TriQuint Semiconductor Defense Products and Foundry Services division based in Richardson, TX. Grant focuses on MMIC product marketing for high frequency / high power gallium nitride (GaN) and gallium arsenide (GaAs) solutions. Grant joined TriQuint in 2000. He holds a Master of Science (MS) degree in Telecommunications from the Southern Methodist University School of Engineering and a Bachelor of Science Electrical Engineering (BSEE) degree from Mississippi State University.


Larry Hawkins ADILarry Hawkins, Analog Devices

Business Development Manager: RF Products

Title of Presentation:  Bits to Antenna and Back

This presentation highlights new technology and tools available to help reduce design time, decrease layout area, improve performance, and reduce power consumption in modern day RF designs.  As the world leader in antenna to bits components, ADI has a continuous stream of new innovative parts to solve new problems and make designs more compact,efficient, and better performing.  Recently ADI has introduced new design tools to go along with those already well-established in the industry, an engineering community for engineers to answer other engineer’s questions, and has a continuous stream of innovative, carefully thought through, and fully tested circuits that can help reduce design cycles.    


As the RF Business Development Manager for Analog Devices, Larry Hawkins matches RF technology to the needs of the industry.  He looks at future RF needs and develops ways ADI can solve problems in Wireless infrastructure, Instrumentation, Military, Aerospace, Building Control and Automation, and Security and Surveillance,   

Prior to Joining Analog Devices, Larry held a variety of engineering, engineering management, marketing, and applications positions at Aeroflex and L3 Communications. In these positions, he participated in the emergence and growth of the commercial wireless industry. Larry most recently spent 7 years as an applications manager in the RF Group at Analog Devices.  After almost two decades in the RF industry, he brings a deep understanding of the technical and market trends in the RFIC sector.  Larry holds a BSEE degree from the University of Utah with an emphasis on RF and Microwave.


Robert John GoreRobert M. John, W.L. Gore & Associates, Inc

Product Specialist

Presentation title: When Failure in Not An Option

The most innovative products result from a thorough understanding of materials at a fundamental level and their performance in specific environments. For more than 50 years, W. L. Gore & Associates has focused on one goal—engineering innovative solutions for the most demanding environments.

In industries where reliable performance is crucial, the physical, chemical, and electromagnetic conditions of the environment have a direct impact on the success or failure of your product. Gore’s continued research into the relationship between materials and the environment in which they are used results in solutions that deliver electrical and mechanical integrity for the most challenging applications.  In this presentation, you will hear about a variety of applications in which Gore’s most innovative solutions have provided the reliability that eliminates the possibility of failure. 


Robert M. John is a product specialist with W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc. For more than seven years, he has focused on providing solutions for applications requiring Microwave/RF cable assemblies. Prior to joining Gore, Robert was the Engineering/Sales Manager for a company that developed sophisticated connectors for applications ranging from consumer electronics to aerospace. Robert holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Master of Business Administration from the Pennsylvania State University.


Oliver Charlon ScinteraOlivier Charlon, Scintera Networks Inc.

VP IC Design 

Title of presentation:  RF Predistortion: A System Approach to Lowering Power Consumption, Footprint and Cost of Small Cell

Scintera’s programmable analog signal processing architecture effectively combines digital programmability with the simplicity, small size and low power consumption of analog circuit design. The first family of products to leverage this innovative architecture is the radio frequency power amplifier linearizer (RFPAL). By repartitioning portions of the classic predistortion algorithm from the digital domain to the analog/RF domain, Scintera has delivered a predistortion linearization solution with very low power consumption, wide bandwidth performance, and a compact system footprint.

This presentation will look inside Scintera’s linearizer and explain the theory and functional blocks required to address PA non-linearities, memory effects and other system level impairments.  Next, differences between digital predistortion and RFpredistortion will be discussed and the applications where each method of linearization is best suited.


Olivier Charlon, VP IC Design, Scintera Networks Inc.  During the past four years, Mr. Charlon has been heading Scintera’s IC engineering department, taking the first and second generation power amplifier linearizers (RFPAL) to volume production.  For over 16 years, he has been successfully building engineering teams and taking RF System-on-Chips to production.  Before joining Scintera in 2007, he was at Philips Semiconductors/NXP, in San Jose California and Southampton UK, where he held various technical leadership positions. During this time, he led IC design teams in the field of TV and CD/DVD; RF transceivers for CDMA, WLAN and Bluetooth standards; and high-speed ADC’s. He holds 7 patents in the field of semiconductors and wireless communications.  He has 8 publications in major international journals and conferences.  He attended Ecole Supérieure d’Ingénieurs en Electrotechnique et Electronique in Paris, and received his MSEE in 1996.


David Seed SkyworksDavid Seed, Skyworks Solutions, Inc.

Product Marketing Manager – Discrete Diodes, Passive and Integrated Diode Products at Skyworks Solutions Inc.

PresentationTitle:  New High Power PIN Diode Switches and Low Noise Amplifiers.

This brief presentation will outline the recently released series of New High Power (50 and 100 Watt) SPDT Switches developed by Skyworks Solutions. This series serves the demanding performance requirements of both TDD-LTE, TD-SCDMA, base station failsafe switching as well as military and commercial land mobile radio T/R switching requirements within the 20 – 4000 MHz band. This SPDT series of high power switches offers excellent Isolation~42 dB @2.6 GHz, low Insertion loss~ .4dB all in a small 4 x 4mm package. These switches are ideally suited for macrocell, microcell and picocell base station transceiver applications. Additional High Power Switches are also available and will be discussed during this presentation. 


As a Product Marketing Manager for the High Performance Analog Division of Skyworks Solutions, David Seed supports the Marketing, Promoting and Development of a diverse portfolio of Discrete PIN, Schottky, Varactor and Limiter Diodes, Passive and Integrated Diodes for many RF Applications.   These applications include WiFi connectivity, handset/tablet, Military, Automotive, Smart Energy, Wireless infrastructure, Test and Measurement, SATCOM and other wireless emerging markets.   

Prior to joining Skyworks in 1994, Dave worked in a variety of Product Marketing, Process Engineering roles at M/A-COM and Adams Russell.   He has over 27 years of experience in the RF & Microwave industry and strong understanding of Silicon Disrete devices, from wafer processing, packaging, marketing and selling to both high volume EOMs/ODMs and Military/Microwave applications. Dave holds a BS in Engineering from the University of Lowell, in Massachusetts.


Paul Taylor SkyworksPaul Taylor, Skyworks Solutions Inc.

Product Marketing Manager – Broadmarket Amplifier, Attenuator & Switch

Presentation Title:  New High Power PIN Diode Switches and Low Noise Amplifiers.

This brief presentation will outline the recently released line of both discrete and fully integrated low noise amplifiers developed by Skyworks Solutions to serve both the demanding performance requirements of the cellular infrastructure market and the growing need for low cost wireless connectivity within the 30 – 3000 MHz band.   Both highly linear sub 0.85 dB LNA’s requiring only 1 external component and general purpose low supply current & voltage discrete LNA solutions requiring <5 mA current @ 1.8V will be among the new products highlighted during this presentation. 


As a Product Marketing Manager for the Analog Components Business Unit of Skyworks Solutions, Paul Taylor supports the definition, development and marketing of new discrete amplifiers, attenuators and switches for a variety of broad market RF applications.   These applications include Automotive, Smart Energy, Wireless infrastructure, Test and Measurement, Military and Satellite communication, and General Purpose ISM band applications.  

Prior to joining Skyworks in 2007, Paul worked in a variety of Design, Applications and Product Marketing Management roles at Vectron International, M/A-COM and Adams Russell.   He has over 28 years of experience in the RF & Microwave industry and strong understanding of both Commercial and Military requirements for wireless devices.  Paul holds at BSEET from Southeastern Massachusetts University and MBA from Northeastern University in Boston MA.


Kevin Christian ATCKevin D. Christian, ATC

Technical Marketing Manager ATC // AVX Thin Film Technologies

Title of Presentation: Introducing ATC Ultra Broad Band Resistors

By Kevin D. Christian, Technical Marketing Manager ATC // AVX Thin Film Technologies.  This presentation will review GSFT (Glass Sandwich Flexiterm ® Technolgy)  high frequency surface mount TaN laser trimmed thin film resistor, design theory, construction, performance, and future technology offerings.  Derived from HFSS simulation the EIA 0402 resistors allow extended frequency performance in true surface mount devices.  Discussed will be the use of “compensation” to control the EPC (Equivalent Parallel Capacitance) allowing the resistors to obtain “flatter” impedance from DC to the 20GHz frequency range.   


25 years of combined experience in Powdered Materials, Passive Components (Tantalum & Ceramic), and Thin Film Technology.  Including research & development, new product Introduction via “start ups”, currently focused on technical marketing for ATC // AVX Thin Film Technologies.  Kevin has several publications, presentations, 1 patent, 2 pending.  Kevin holds a Doctorate in Materials Science from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY.


Rod Novak PeregrineRodd Novak, Peregrine Semiconductor

Chief Marketing Officer

Title of presentation: Design for RF Performance with the UltraCMOS Advantage

A key performance metric for RF technology is RonCoff, which best approximates the behavior of a field effect transistor (FET) when modeled as a two terminal device. When the FET is in strong-inversion, it acts as a resistor (Ron). When in deep sub-threshold, the FET appears as a capacitive network (Coff). RonCoff is the resulting multiple. Any improvement in the RonCoff target allows engineers the ability to improve one or more of the key design tradeoffs: insertion loss, size, power handling, isolation and linearity. Today, process technologies offering state-of-the-art RF performance targets are silicon-on-insulator, or SOI, processes. Among the SOI process options, Peregrine Semiconductor’s next-generation STeP5 UltraCMOS® silicon-on-sapphire (SOS) technology prevails. Learn more about RonCoff and find out why more than a billion UltraCMOS RFICs have been designed into applications around the world.


Rodd Novak directs Peregrine’s global product marketing strategy and the company’s strategic business development activities.  In prior roles he held director and V.P. positions in global sales and marketing. Prior to joining Peregrine Semiconductor, Rodd served as corporate marketing manager for CTS Corporation where he was responsible for several business units and the advancement of multiple product technologies in the communications sector, as well as strategic alliances and acquisitions.  Rodd began his career as an electrical engineer with Westinghouse Corporation, and later moved into a marketing role with the commercial business unit of its subsidiary, Xetron Corporation. Rodd holds a BSEE from the University of Cinncinnati, and MBA from Xavier University.


Hans Ostergaard AnarenHans P.  Ostergaard, Anaren Microwave, Inc.

Director, Wireless Business Development

Title of Presentation: Optimizing Doherty Power Amplifier for Cost, Performance and Real Estate

This presentation will describe problems and potential solutions relating to today’s power amplifiers (PAs) design – particularly the challenges stemming from physically small base stations where cost, size, and performance (including  thermal management) must be managed by the equipment design engineer to  meet current market needs. Doherty amplifiers are the current preferred choice to achieve high efficiency. However, traditional Doherty Combiners – critical to this class of amplifier – have typically demanded considerable real estate to achieve low insertion loss and repeatability in production. This presentation will explain how new, multilayer PCB components now exist that take advantage of high-performance materials and processes (where required) to reduce the physical size and size of the PA, while still meeting tough performance and repeatability requirements.


As Anaren’s Director for Wireless Business Development, HP Ostergaard is responsible for setting the strategic direction of the product lines of the company’s Wireless Group. In this role, Ostergaard works with key customers and development partners to identify and develop new technologies and products that solve key customer problems – including reductions in size and cost, while simultaneously maintaining or boosting performance. Current areas of interest include high-efficiency power amplifiers, broadband amplifiers for wireless infrastructure, and active antenna systems.

HP has over 15 years of experience at Anaren, where his background includes design engineering, development of many of the early Xinger® -brand components introduced and made popular by Anaren during the 1990s and early 2000s. Since then, he has also held various engineering and management positions.  He received an MSEE from Aalborg University in Denmark in 1995 and a MBA from Sage Graduate School in New York in 2000.


Jerry Chang MicrosemiJerry W. Chang, Microsemi RFIS Transistor solution

Director of Engineering

Title of Presentation: GaN Transistors and Modules

Because of the special material property GaN offers, the RF power transistors built with GaN material, especially GaN on SiC substrates, enables systems designer multiple degrees of freedom. By embracing the latest state-of-the-art power transistors designed with GaN technology, system designer can significantly improve the system performance, reduce the components counts in the original design, and/or shrink the system size to half.   

This presentation reviews the latest GaN technology development status and introduces the newly developed GaN transistors and modules from Microsemi. These new products are specifically designed for Radar, Avionics, and communication markets. The frequency band of interest covers L-Band, S-Band, C-Band, up to Ku-Band.


As Director of Engineering for the Microsemi RFIS Transistor Solution, Jerry manages the Engineering Department and leads the Product Development team designing state-of-the-art high power transistor products utilizing Si BJT, SiC SIT, and GaN HEMT technologies for Radar, Avionics, and Communication markets.

Prior to joining Microsemi, Jerry worked in engineering, business development and product line manager for Signal Technology, Watkins-Johnson, and CTT, inc. In these positions, Jerry has been intimately involved in a wide verity of GaAs based RF/Microwave components, amplifier and subsystem designs, technology development, business strategy, and volume manufacturing operation.  Jerry holds an MBA degree from Santa Clara University, an MSEE degree from UC San Diego, California, and a BSEE degree from Chiao-Tung University in Taiwan.


Stephanie Jarno Huber+SuhnerStephanie Jarno, HUBER+SUHNER

Field Application Engineer

Presentation Title: The Future is a Snap, MMPX for High Signal Measurements

Growing demand from high bandwidth applications has created essential need for low loss and high reliability testing. This presentation will focus on PCB measurements for 10GHz and beyond.

  • With broadband characteristics, small size, and outstanding performance- the MMPX interface responds perfectly to the needs of the emerging high bandwidth markets.  With high speed digital signals and mobile communications joining, as one, MMPX handles both.  
  • The SUCOFLEX 400 cable family has the lowest attenuation and the highest microwave performance in its class.
  • HUBER+SUHNER has the complete T+M solution for high bandwidth applications.


As Field Application engineer, Stephanie Jarno provides expertise on communication and power interconnect solutions. Radio frequency, fiber optic and DC power connections are daily business.  Work with high speed digital testing is an area of special expertise.

Prior to joining HUBER+SUHNER,Inc., Stephanie Jarno worked at HUBER+SUHNER headquarter in Switzerland as an R+D project engineer. While there, she first specialized in the development of new and innovative microwave components and later worked as an RF Application Engineer for the transportation market. Stephanie is currently at the leading edge of trends for RF interconnects, with the depth of her experience and the relationships she has with industry leaders. Stephanie holds a MSEE from the National Institute of Applied Sciences in Rennes (France).


Glenn Eswein AnadigicsGlenn Eswein, ANADIGICS

Director of Product Marketing, Broadband RF Business

Presentation title:  Small Cell Wireless Infrastructure Power Amplifiers

New architectures for wireless infrastructure networks that use larger numbers of base stations with lower transmit powers and focused coverage areas are being implemented to provide more capacity, better overall coverage and higher data rate service to more users.  The advent of such small-cell networks demands highly linear power amplifiers that operate with high efficiency at power levels well below those used in classical macrocell base stations, and that are small, cost-efficient, reliable and easy to use in higher volume base station production.  ANADIGICS has introduced a family of power amplifiers to meet the needs of this new class of femtocell and picocell equipment for 3G and 4G wireless infrastructure.


Glenn Eswein is Director of Product Marketing for the Broadband RF Business at ANADIGICS. Eswein joined ANADIGICS in 2001, bringing with him valuable experience in RF circuit and systems design.  In his current role, he promotes the company’s Wireless Infrastructure and WiMAX product lines, which address both mobile and small-cell applications.  Eswein’s responsibilities include identifying new business opportunities, defining product requirements,  and supporting customers and reference design partners. During his time with ANADIGICS, Eswein has also led product marketing efforts for cable television tuners and splitters, CATV infrastructure amplifiers, and Fiber-to-the-Home RF amplifiers.

Prior to joining ANADIGICS, Eswein worked at Conexant Systems as an RF Systems Engineering Manager, developing semiconductor solutions for satellite television receivers and digital cellular communication systems.   He interned at Comsat Laboratories in the satellite antennas group while in college, and began his career as an RF Engineer with AlliedSignal Aerospace, where he designed radar and communication equipment for commercial avionics.  Eswein hold both B.S. and M.S. degrees in Electrical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


Tony Martiniello TRUTony Martiniello, TRU Corporation

Chief Technology Officer 

Title of Presentation:  Design Techniques for High Power RF Coaxial Cable Assemblies.

This presentation will focus on the major elements and design techniques required for reliable, high power RF coaxial cable assembly performance. First, the key application parameters will be identified and considered.   This discussion will focus on understanding and prioritizing the tradeoffs required to maintain a balance between the electrical, mechanical and environmental performance of the cable assemblies.  The presentation will then address the design considerations and techniques within the three main components of a high power cable assembly: cable, connector, and cable/connector attachment.   Design elements such as material selection, construction, and geometry within each of these components will be explored.  It will conclude with a summary guide of effective design techniques within each of these elements.


As Chief Technology Officer for TRU Corporation, Tony Martiniello develops and executes the product and technology roadmap for TRU Corporation’s RF Microwave cable assemblies, connectors, and associated interconnects.  He leads a team well versed in developing engineered solutions across a broad spectrum of applications such as military, aerospace, test and measurement, and industrial equipment.  One such area of expertise is the design and development of TRUflexTM PWR Series products to address the high power /voltage needs of equipment manufacturers.

Prior to joining TRU, Tony worked in a variety of engineering, product line management and business development roles for Alford Engineering, Adams-Russell, M/A-COM, and AMP.

With nearly three decades in the RF Microwave field, Tony’s background blends a deep understanding of the technical, operational, quality, and market trends within the industry. Tony holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Northeastern University in Boston, MA along with patents for MultiMate Coaxial Adapter and Quick Disconnect Microwave Connector.