VNA_Master_MS20XXCThe title Grand Master suggests the ultimate level of skill, experience, accomplishment and recognition as best in class. The VNA Master Series is the industry’s highest performance, handheld solution for 2-port, 2-path measurements, anytime, anywhere. It specifically addresses complex cable, waveguide and antenna measurement needs in the field with accurate, vector corrected 2-port magnitude, phase, and Time or Distance Domain measurements.

Vector Analyzer Key Features

  • 2-port, 2-path, fully-reversing VNA; measures and displays all S-parameters with a single connection
  • 350 μsec per data point, ideal for filter tuning
  • 12-term error correction algorithm
  • Vector Voltmeter option, ideal for cable phase matching
  • Time Domain option for precise Time or Distance Domain diagnostics, includes Gated Time Domain, LP Processing and Phasor Impulse mode
  • Industry’s only 20 GHz Handheld VNA

+ Spectrum Analyzer Key Features

  • Detectors: Peak, Negative, Sample, Quasi-peak and true RMS
  • Markers: 6, each with a Delta Marker, or 1 Reference with 6 Deltas
  • Built-in pre-selector for eliminating spurious in displays
  • Interference Analyzer Option: Spectrogram,Signal Strength, RSSI

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