The new Microwave Journal website is built on a modern cloud based platform that will allow us to serve our audience with quality content using the best web tools available.  For marketing professionals, it will allow you to better advertise your products and services with more types of vehicles and allow for better audience targeting.

Channel Surfing

A main consideration in any marketing campaign is finding the right audience. The new Microwave Journal website now has a new main navigation section called “Channels.” These are application or market specific areas with articles, news items, webinars, events, videos, etc. gathered in one section about that topic. These Channels can even be product types like Amplifiers or Passive Components that are also categories in our Buyer’s Guide. The initial market/application Channels that we have established are Aerospace and Defense, Cellular/4G/LTE/WiMAX, Test and Measurement, EDA/Software, RFID/GPS/Location and Industrial/Scientific/Medical.

These Channels can be created quickly and easily to focus on any subject that you might be targeting in your marketing campaigns or on hot topics in the industry.  Channels will also be established for major tradeshow events such as the MTT-S IMS, CTIA, EuMW, MILCOM, etc. We will be dynamically updating these periodically as the demand for sponsorship and market needs change. Let us know what you think about these Channels and if you are interested in learning more about them as each one can be exclusively sponsored. We think our audience will enjoy the targeted information that is gathered in each area of interest so they do not have to hunt for it in searches or other sections.


The new site also offers a multimedia section with Photo Galleries, Videos and can support Podcasts. We will be taking photos and videos at the major tradeshows and publishing the galleries in these sections. Let us know if you have a special promotion at a show for photos, and we will take videos of selected demos on the exhibition floor at the major shows.

We also offer special promotional opportunities for video product demos or educational videos that are featured on our site. The videos will be posted in our Video section (or linked to on your site) plus featured on the homepage and in our Flash newsletter that has a highlighted Interactive section. Please contact us for more details if you are interested in promoting your products or services via video or even a podcast series.

Guest Blogs

We have kept our Guest Blogs section which is expanding every day. Your company can own a blog and talk about your technology, market expertise or things you see happening in your market. These are a good tool to include in an integrated marketing plan for branding and thought leadership. The Blogs are found in our new Community section that also includes links to Social Media sites such as our LinkedIn Group, the RF and Microwave Community (approaching 10,000 members), Facebook page and Tweeters David, Pat, Kristen and Mike. Active Guest Blogs will be featured periodically on the home page on in our Flash newsletter’s Interactive section.

Executive Interviews

The Executive Interview series continues and is now featured in the center of our homepage under the heading of MicroView. We will continue to do written interviews with important leaders in the industry talking about what trends they see in the market, what is happening at their company, what new technologies they are working on and more. These are another no cost editorial item that can show thought leadership in the market but are limited to one to two a month.

Let us know what you think of the new website and if you have any feedback for improvements.